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Hard round lump next to testicle

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  • Hard round lump next to testicle


    I found a lump next to my testicle some time ago (several months) and have been worrying about it on and off. I've lurked on this forum for a while reading people's threads but decided to make my own thread.

    The lump is hard and spherical, like a pea but smaller. It is next to the tip of my right testicle. It seems to be attached to the epididymis and it also feels like theres a tube running between it and my testicle. I've read about how it probably is not TC since it's not attached immediately to my testicle but it is very close and am worried. It feels like it has grown a bit in the last two days.

    I attached a diagram I made to better explain what I'm talking about:

    I wanted to just post this here and see what you all think. Going to the doctor makes me feel very anxious and I have been avoiding it for months.

    Thank you.

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      I am new here too, and am just learning-so I don't know. The odds are in our favor. But is better to have it checked than not have it checked. I thought how foolish I will feel if the doc is like why are you here, but would feel more foolish if I had cancer, did nothing about it, and became one of the 2% that died from TC. I think you should go.


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        Sounds more like a spermatocele. A spermatocele can be described as "...a painless, cystic mass at the head of the epididymis, that transilluminates and can be clearly differentiated from the testicle..."

        They form in or immediately around the epididymis and it's basically a blocked tube where sperm builds up and forms a lump. They're very common and pose no health concern. Of course only your doctor can make a definitive diagnosis.


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          Originally posted by lostprophet View Post

          I found a lump next to my testicle some time ago (several months) and have been worrying about it on and off.
          Probably noting to worry about, but why gamble? Get to your doc & have it checked out properly.

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            Thank you for the replies.

            You're right, I should stop being silly and go get it checked out.


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              Although most likely nothing as the others have suggested, an ultra sound is the most definitive way of putting this behind you and moving on.


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