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spermatic cord tissue mass or tumor

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  • spermatic cord tissue mass or tumor

    Hello all.this is my first post found this fourm. And seems to be a good place and people.well first off ill say I have had 3 ultrasounds done.on third one we found the lump I felt to be white soild 1cm tissue round mass on my left spermatic cord.about a inch above left testicle on cord urologist sayed.these are 90% benign.and just to watch size change and not panic.its still about 1cm for 2 weeks.but im still very afraid. the cords little swollen.just asking anyone have a similar thing happen.?

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    Never heard of a similar problem, but you in a good location for multiple opinions.
    Why not take the slides/CD to an expert?
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      Thanks for the response man. well I did. third ultrasound was from the hospital. and I show them to my urologist. they were a cd images.its on the left spermatic cord.testicles looked good blood flow.little swelling on spermatic cord he recommend check month to month in size.change. mentioned 90 percent usually are was solid white 1cm.on image. this is made me a nervous wreck still though..


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        White things on ultrasound are usually calcium, air or fat. Assuming it's not hard it may be a lipoma. I'm guessing having not seen the pic of course.
        Extratesticular lesions are almost always benign so just watching is not a bad idea.

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          Thanks eugene well mine is hard like a firm far its been a month still 1cm.I been praying alot its not malignet.I prey not to remove test.and cord.for it


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            Hi there,

            I apologize to dig up an old thread.

            Have you had any further updates on this one? Was it nothing?