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Do I Have Testicular Cancer?

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  • Do I Have Testicular Cancer?

    I found a tiny BB-sized, hard, painless lump, on the backside of my left testicle. I have had recurrent epididymitis, over and over and over, in both testicles, and pain that feels like inflammation in my lower abdomen, especially during flare-ups of epididymitis. I have also had pain in other parts of my abdomen that seems to come and go. Sometimes I have even had pain in my right buttock and the inside of my right thigh, even though I haven't done any major exercises or anything strenuous to injure those areas. I am not sure if this is cause to proceed & go to the doctor. My best friend died from complications due to testicular cancer, so I am well aware of the disease. I just don't want to be an alarmist & jump the gun. (BTW, my name is indeed, Quinn. You can call me Quinn.)
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    Yes, you should go see a urologist. It's not a matter of being alarmist. It's simply a matter of taking the proper precaution.
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      X2 on seeing your doc. While is very well may be nothing but another flare-ups of epididymitis, there is only one way to know for sure & potentially too much at stake to ignore it.

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