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Worried - can you have TC without finding a lump

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  • Worried - can you have TC without finding a lump

    Hi, I hope someone can give me some advice. I'm 38 and was diagnosed with IBS 12 months ago. However after removing gluten and dairy from my diet, all my potential IBS symptoms bar one, have dissapeared since Feb, I need to know if my symptom fits the bill for potential TC.

    In May last year I started to get a continous pain in my lower right pelvis/ groin - about 5cm up from the base of my penis. With my other symptoms the Gatro specialist advised IBS, although not typical. I had Bloods, colonoscopy, ultrasound on the groin and mri, and everything came back clear. The pain subsided in September, but returned in December, and is now minus the other symptoms.

    The pain feels like heavy pressure or constriction, it sometimes radiates to both hips, or the left side of my groin, where it feels like mild burning, and is continous. It is made wose by sitting, especially driving.

    I swim 4 times a week and play squash, weigh train twice a week, none of which aggravate the pain. lying down or walking reduce the pain but it is still always there. It is not tender to touch at all. I've had lots of muscle tears and strains before and it feels nothing like them. I have checked my testicles and can not feel any lumps or swellings, ejaculating and passing urine appear to be totally normal. I do not have any pain in the testicles at all.

    I have been back to my GP several times since the other IBS symptoms disappeared, he kept on telling me that it is IBS, prsecribed all sorts of pain killers, anti depresants etc , all of which had no effect on the pain. Eventually after seeing the gasto specialist yesterday he now thinks its likely to not be IBS, and is basically puzzled - has refered me to a orthopedic consultant.

    Should I be demanding to see some other type of specialist, or are my symptoms not typical of TC - I just need some advice from experienced guys.


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    Hi my friend!

    I'm sorry to welcome you to this community, anyway this is a strong group and will give you all the support you need. I can say to you that I suffer from IBS too (since 2004) and moreover I am allergic to some foods that I can't eat and that give my bowel the hell. As far as I know, your symptoms are not to be related neither to IBS nor to TC but, if you do a lot of physical activity, very probably they can come from there. (something inflamed in your groin or in your pelvis for example).

    For sure, the other friends which will read your post here can give you more informations! Stay strong and don't let the fear take control of you!



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      Hi, Andy, these symptoms sure don't sound like testicular cancer. Any specific reason you think they might be?
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        I didn't see this, sorry...

        Originally posted by Andy uk View Post
        weigh train twice a week none of which aggravate the pain
        ... Weigh train is the same as weight lifting? (sorry, my English is very poor...) If yes, could this pain be related and could have appeared later? I had a friend of mine who was in the same situation of you...


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          Thanks for the reasurrance guys. I guess I'm just worrying and jumping to conclusions because a symptom that I had been advised was IBS, has now been labled as unlikley, and all my other ibs symptoms have disapeared, so I'm trying to get some sort of diagnosis. Its the not knowing what it is that's the worst.

          I dont think my pain is related to muscle strain as it tends to feel better if anything after excercise and I have full hip rotation without any pain. But who knows?

          beacuse my pain is very low in the pelvic area, I just wondered if anyone else with TC had experienced similar symptoms before diagnosis.

          I'll let you know what happens when I have my follow up in two weeks it may be useful for others on here.


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            Andy, my first symptom that put me into an alarmed state was the position of my testicle. I felt it hardened and "rotated" in a horizontal way, it pushed into my scrotum and made me feel unconfortable, while the other was in a vertical position and gave me no problem. This was my first sign. However, feel free to write everything here, we are here to support and listen to you in every moment!