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  • Please Help.


    I need help with the symptoms that I have. It might be cancer but before I get to see a Urologist, need thoughts and advice on what my ailment could be.


    Early May 2016

    In May I had sexual intercourse with a lady, using protection and around the same time I started getting a sharp/stabbing pain on the left side of the pubic area. The reason I mention this is because I thought the pain was related to the sexual encounter as the pain started around the same time. I have been been tested for HIV and came out negative, the test was well after 3 months.
    This was a big deal because until the encounter I was not sexually active for a long time.

    July 2016
    In July I noticed a lump/cyst that is about the size of a grape inside the top of left testicle. If feels like it is attached to epididymis, but not certain. At this point the pain had intensified and moved from the pubic area to the left testicle. Over the next couple of weeks the pain moved to the right testicle and would radiate to the lower abdomen, lower back and alternate between the left and right testicles.

    August 2016
    In August I eventually went to see a Doctor about it and after a physical exam which included a rectal exam with some device and he concluded that I had a testicular infection and prescribed antibiotics. After the course of Antibiotics, the intensity of the pain reduced dramatically, and none my testicles were in pain. Rather the pain moved to my inner thighs and would radiate to my anal area. The Doctor then prescribed stronger Antibiotics, like the first course, reduced the pain levels but did not get rid of the pain completely or the cyst/lump.

    October 2016
    I have been referred to a Urologist for further tests to see if the cyst/lump is cancerous or if it is some other ailment or infection causing it. Up until a day ago I have been pain free. When I workout, play soccer any other physical activity there is no discomfort or pain at all.
    Besides the pain described above, I have had 2 bouts of Bronchitis which might be related to my smoking habit, but not certain.

    I have also noticed a lump on the right testicle, much smaller than the one on the left. They both seem to be on the same position relative to the testicle, ie near the epididymis.

    I have not seen the Urologist because of financial reasons but will do so in the next week or two but I would like to get your thoughts because the stress has literally paralyzed me at work, not productive at all.

    In case it helps, I am a 31 year old Black male based in South Africa.

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    Hi Nkosi,

    Pain is most often not a symptom of TC. The fact you showed positive reaction to antibiotics suggests this is an infection or other common disorder of the testis.

    Waiting for test results is absolutely the most stressful part, at least in my experience so far in my journey.

    If your urologist suspects cancer, the next step is imaging via sonogram and blood tests to look for tumor markers produced by cancerous cells (beta-hCG and AFP).
    8-17-16 Sonogram reveals mass. 28 y/o.
    9-2-16 Right R/O
    9-19-16 Mixed germ cell (64% teratoma, 20% seminoma, 10% yolk sac, 5% EC, 1% choriocarcinoma.) Stage 1a. Observation.

    4-15-18 Blood & CT normal


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      Thank you Steve. Just need piece of mind more than anything so imaging and blood tests should help in getting an answer. Cancer took someone close to me so that history makes the anxiety worse.


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        Please update us when you move on to these next steps!
        8-17-16 Sonogram reveals mass. 28 y/o.
        9-2-16 Right R/O
        9-19-16 Mixed germ cell (64% teratoma, 20% seminoma, 10% yolk sac, 5% EC, 1% choriocarcinoma.) Stage 1a. Observation.

        4-15-18 Blood & CT normal


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          Hard to tell, like _steve said, the reduction of pain points to infection, however the remaining lumps need to be looked at sooner rather than later. I would ask for an U/S& let the results guide me going forward.

          Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
          Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP