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Ive also found a tiny lump

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  • Ive also found a tiny lump

    I can't believe I'm posting here!

    But here's my quick story.

    About a month ago I found a large lump on my left epididymis the size of a BB bullet. I did a little googling and convinced myself it was just a cyst. I was especially relieved when I found it wasn't actually attached to the testicle. About a week later the lump disappeared and I went back to living my life not thinking about it.

    Then, a week ago I found another lump on the same testicle again (left).
    But this time it felt attached to the testicle, on the left side half way down to the bottom. And its the size of a grain of sand.
    I didn't think much of it at first being so small and I ignored it for a few days. But after nothing had changed I did some googling and found that pretty much the only thing it might be is cancer! (I hate the internet) There have been some other guys posting about lumps the size of a grain of sand but none of them follow through and say what happened.

    But here's the weird thing about this tiny lump. Obviously with me obsessing over it I've been checking to see if its still there every half hour. And if I spend enough time poking it and feeling it, it actually goes away for a while.... Usually about an hour before it comes back... The internet obviously hasn't help much with this and I will only know once I see a doctor about it.

    A tiny lump the size of a grain of sand on the left lower side of the left testicle that goes away if its poked for a bit but comes back again later.

    Im also scared to go see a doctor and find out its cancer because I have no health insurance. Im gonna have to try and get that sorted out in case it is cancer, otherwise I'll be one of the few who dies of TC.

    So Im putting this here to see what you guys thing and so that I can follow through and let you guys know what happens.


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    Hi Carl

    Welcome to the forum no one wants to be a part of. I've never heard of anyone having been able to poke their tumor away. If it is a tumor it'll feel hard. Have you had any pressure or pain in your abdomen area, lower back or flanks? Have you had any trouble urinating? Whether or not you've experienced these (especially if you have) you might wanna suck it up and spend the $120 for a Urology office visit.

    As far as health insurance goes, which state do you live in? If you're in Massachusetts and you make under $17,000.00 a year you might qualify for Mass Health. Some other states may have similar medicaid programs. Does your workplace offer health insurance? If so find out if you can sign up without having to wait for an enrollment period. The affordable Health Care Act was created so everyone has access to health insurance. It may be worthwhile for you to consider purchasing some.

    Good Luck,


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      Not a guarantee, but do a pregnancy test! A PA I worked with suggested that. Much to our heartache, it resulted positive for my son. Not what we wanted to see, but definitely let us know we needed to follow up. He found out on his 18th birthday/80%Seminoma,20%Teratoma by the urologist, and he was in surgery the next morning. Heres hoping yours is negative! an ultrasound may be a relief for you...


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        A pregnancy test can only confirm the likelihood of TC. IT *CAN NOT* tell you it is not TC, since not all types of TC raise hcg.

        Also, stop checking so often, you are likey causing irritation/swelling which makes it harder to feel such a small lump.

        Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
        Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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          Unfortunately, I think you're right, Dave.

          I've got my medical insurance sorted out so I'll be on my way to the doctor very soon. Should I rush to the GP or wait for a Urologist appointment?

          Im trying to stay cool but Im also freaking out. TC at such a young age!


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            Hi Carl

            I'm glad to hear you got your insurance situation figured out. In regards to seeing a GP or Urologist part of it depends on if your insurance requires you to get a referral from a GP first. Second, the Urologist might require a referral as well. I'd first check your insurance packet, specifically, you want to look for the section that talks about referrals and if seeing a specialist requires one, if not I'd personally call any Urologist that takes your insurance and see if they require a referral. If there is one that does not require a referral explain your situation and ask to make an "Urgent" appointment.Find a Urologist that is affiliated with a larger hospital in your area because if you do end up needing treatment they can then assist you in setting up appointments with their oncology/hematology dept as well as setting you up with GP in that hospital so everything stays under one roof and communication is not impeded. I'm not sure what its like where you live but in Massachusetts if you use the word "Urgent" a health care provider must see you in no more than 3 days. Check here to see if you are nearby any of these health care centers ( )


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              Originally posted by CarlJohnson View Post
              Im trying to stay cool but Im also freaking out. TC at such a young age!
              TC is a young man's cancer for the most part, although you *can* get it at any age, it is most common in the 15-35 range.


              Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
              Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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                Thanks Daniel. I'll go see the GP first next week. If do need a referral for my insurance. And, if its urgent, they should be able to get me to a urologist asap, rather than me make the appointment myself.
                Just by the way, I dont live in the United States. I live in a third world country where if you dont have health insurance to cover you for private health care, you're pretty much gonna die.

                Dave, I've taken your advice and trying my best to stop checking it and poking it every 10 minutes... I don't want to go to the GP with a swollen testicle and have him tell me he can't feel anything. Since I've been leaving it alone, its been pretty sore!
                I often can't help myself and I do still check on it with a light touch. Sometimes I can barely feel it, other times its very obviously there. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and couldn't help but have a quick feel. It was completely smooth an no sign of the bump. Although, Im pretty sure if I poked around I would find it.

                Either way, Im definitely going to have it checked and hopefully the doctor will find it and it won't decide to hide on the day. Otherwise that'll be flipping awkward....

                Im hoping its nothing, but Im still very nervous to find out.


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                  Knowledge of your condition is very powerful. Try to stay grounded, and do things that you enjoy. Try meditation/many good resources for guided meditation out there. You need to keep your self strong-and alleviating stress is huge. Do you have friends, or close family that can go with you? They can take notes for you even, and help you list any questions that you may have. Please do not try and do alone!


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                    I'm in the docs waiting room right now... shaking I'm so nervous.


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                      Obviously the doctor was very chilled about my situation as one would expect a doctor to be.

                      He said he knows what cancer feels like before the examination. He found the lump and agreed that it was very small. He then said he wanted to send me for cancer screening (blood tests) and check for infections. He said 9 time out of 10 its an infection... I didn't believe him... He was obviously concerned enough to send me for blood tests. Results came back negative for an infection and I will find out tomorrow what happens with the blood test. He seemed to think that even if it is cancer, it would be a small procedure to remove it. And at this point, I wasn't feeling very confident in what he had to say. I know what happens when you get diagnosed with TC.

                      So its not looking good at this point.

                      Either way, I'll be seeing a urologist Im sure.


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                        I would have posted a reply as soon as I had confirmation from the doctor, but the forum as been down for a few days?
                        Anyway, here's what happened.

                        After my doctors visit, I went to bed that night pretty much convinced the only thing this hard lump could be is cancer. I was thinking about having to cancel my plans for the weekend and worrying about surgery and the things that go along with it.
                        I woke up the next morning and felt for the lump, I couldn't find it straight away which isn't unusual but my testicle also felt kinda swollen... not a good sign.
                        After a while the swelling went down and I still couldn't find the lump. After obsessing over this thing for the last 10 days, i definitely knew exactly where is was and what it felt like and now I couldn't find it.... It was gone and stayed gone!

                        It took 3 loooong days before the doctor phoned me back with the results. NO CANCER!!! I didn't want to trust it wasn't cancer until I had this confirmation though but Im totally stoked!
                        I told the doctor over the phone that the lump had gone and he said it was probably just a cyst then and nothing to worry about.

                        So Im very lucky and blessed to have a happy ending to my story.

                        Just as a side note to anyone embarrassed about having a doctor examine your balls. Doctors really don't care. My doctor was as chilled about it as if I had asked him to look at my ear or something and was slightly sympathetic towards me, but he really didn't give a damn that I asked him to check out a lump on my nut.
                        Even though it turned out to be nothing, it was worth getting checked out.

                        Peace and good luck to everyone!


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                          That's great news Carl, I'm glad to hear that. I would, just to be on the safe side check with a Urologist as well. It never hurts to get a second opinion.


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                            Great news mate!
                            24 year old diagnosed 6/11/16
                            Pre/o markers 9/11/16 - HCG 15, AFP 210, LDH 539
                            Pre/o CT Clear
                            Non-seminoma (80% embryonal carcinoma, 10% yolk sac tumour, 5% chorea carcinoma, 5% seminoma)
                            Post-op markers - 14/12/16 - HCG 35, AFP 1050, LDH 430
                            Post-op CT with one enlarged lymph node - 1.5x1cm
                            Borderline stage 2B/3B
                            BEPx3 started 15/12/16 (Borderline BEPx4 - Advise of Dr. E to only do 3 rounds)
                            CT and markers clear - in remission - 28/2/16


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                              Just an update for the sake of it.
                              Nothing to report... No strange lumps or anything happening down there since I last posted.

                              It's crazy to think what I was worrying about two months ago. Im still so relieve and grateful that I'm fine and I don't (didn't) have cancer!