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  • Found a lump

    Hi everyone. I am 58 yrs old and decided to check for lumps after a friends diagnosis. What i found was a longer than wide hard lump in the front upper right quadrant of right testicle. Feels like it could be a very small vein like a vericocele, but i think its to low and firm to be found there(i think). I think it is below epididymus but not sure. Was thinking maybe a spermatocele? But i thought it was to low and in the front for that. It feels like it is attached to the testicle but on the surface not like it originates from the inside. Any thoughts on what it is?. I am concerned because my friend of same age as me is not doing well. He said he took a otc pregnancy test that showed positive so i took one and it was negative. I understand this does not mean much but better than it being positive. Its making me quite nervous so any thoughts positive or negative are appreciated. I have an appointment for a physical next week and will get it checked then

    Thank you for reading

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    Hi Spinning Planet. I'm 55 now, had pain/ pressure in lefty at 53 went to doctor, they did ultrasound. Unfortunately they found a mass, turned out to be cancer. My brother,55 at the time, felt a lump, similar sounding to yours, he had ultrasound and is ok. So I would expect you to have pain/ pressure in your testicle, but I'm no doctor. But get an ultrasound to be sure. Hang together!


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      I am hoping by now that you have had your physical,& received an U/S? Please let us know the results one way or the other.
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        I got my physical and was sent for an ultrsound. The report vas vague. A small mass .7cm .7cm .4cm with focal calcifications. Reccomend urological exam to differentiate between calcified mass and previous trauma..not surewhat that means. I dont remember trauma out of the ordinary. The locayion was peripheral anterior mid right testis. I think that is the location for tumors?
        One other thing to mention is that is referred to as a soft tissue mass which i think makes it highly probable to be benign.
        Curious part is this is nonpalpable. The location i do feel something they see nothing
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          Update: went to urologist and he wants to repeat the US in a few weeks. Wasnt very definitive in what he suspected what why he was repeating the US.