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Still Worried Even After Ultrasound

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  • Still Worried Even After Ultrasound

    Hello there everyone! This is my very first post on a forum I never wanted to post on. I hope this doesn't sound harsh, because I in no way intend for it to be. I'm 24.

    A few days ago, while doing my first self-testicular exam (I had no idea I should be doing them), I noticed what appeared to be a hard pea-sized nodule near the bottom rear of my right testicle. It didn't feel as if it was a *part* of the testicle but instead seemed to be attached to it via some connective mumbo jumbo. Being plagued with health anxiety, I immediately began to worry and assume the worst. I checked all over the internet, got myself worked up to the point of tears, and in short I had the worst few days of my life.

    After a visit to my doctor (APRN), I was referred to a urologist for a secondary examination and an ultrasound. This referral was the absolute most terrifying part, as I had hoped that the doctor would immediately be able to qualm my fears, but of course this didn't happen. It took so much for me to even go in and see a doctor about it, and now I was being sent to have examinations?

    I had the ultrasound this morning, it was done by an ultrasound student being overseen by the normal person who does them, followed by a meeting with the urologist just an hour later. The promptness and speed was definitely the thing that set me off the most, as well as it being a student doing the test... I just knew at this point that it had to be cancer. There was no doubt in my mind.

    The urologist opened the appointment immediately by saying that I in no way had testicular cancer. She said it was good that I did an examination, but that my testicles themselves looked completely normal and healthy and that both her and the radiologist agreed that there was no cause for concern. I was diagnosed with multiple spermatoceles in my right epididymis. I made sure to ask again, if she was 100% sure that it couldn't be cancer and she seemed confident.

    Still, I left the office a bit worried. What if she missed something, in either the ultrasound or the examination. She is a urologist with over 14 years of experience and she showed absolutely no concern whatsoever about it being TC. Money is super tight, so getting a second opinion is only going to happen if it's absolutely necessary. To all of those with and who have survived TC, would this have been satisfactory to you? Am I just being silly by still worrying and obsessing about it?
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    What does your ultrasound report say?
    Age 31 - Portland, OR
    01NOV16- Pain in right testicle, palpable mass
    13NOV16- R I/O. Markers normal
    27NOV16- Stage Ia non-seminoma, 1.3cm, 100% EC, no LVI
    06DEC16 - CT scan clear
    09DEC16 - Started 1xBEP. Neutropenic at day 15; Worst part for me was bleo (allergic).
    03JAN17- Ended 1xBEP; start surveillance
    18MAR17-2nd pathology report shows 90% EC , 10% seminoma


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      I didn't get a detailed report of my ultrasound, but my release papers say "spermatocele of epididymis, multiple - primary". That's the exact wording

      They didn't do bloodwork or anything like that, and I asked the urologist multiple times if she was absolutely positive that it wasn't cancer. She didn't hesitate for a single second. I really don't have any logical reason to doubt the report, as even I thought that the hard little lump I felt wasn't actually on the testicle itself. I can't necessarily tell if it moves freely or not, due to the testicles themselves being slippery little devils and the fact that the epididymis is attached to them.

      Perhaps I am just being paranoid and over-concerned, though I noticed today that I can feel almost a strange sensation in my groin in the center and then to the same side as the testicle in question. Not down by the genital area itself, but closer to my waist. It's like a pressure or a gentle pulling sensation, it's really really hard to describe. I don't know if this is related or if it's nothing or what. I'm already barely able to afford life at this point.

      Would it be best to just stop worrying for now and continue to do these monthly examinations to see if anything changes? If it is TC, it would probably not be so easily dismissed as something else if it was at a later stage right? I'm just sick of worrying myself over this.
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        You should not worry. Ultrasounds are very definitive. In my remaining nut I have some number of spermatoceles and veroceles, simply a bag of nodules. I get it checked every couple of years - or if I notice changes.


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          The two things I'm worried about the most are this new sensation of "pressure" or tugging in the muscles of my groin, and the fact that the lump I felt didn't seem to be in the head of the epididymis, isn't that the only place spermatocele can form?


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            Well a tumor looks very different on an ultrasound then a spermatocele. Tumors are really hard and solid, they will look opaque on the ultrasound, where as spermatoceles aren't opaque looking. I mean if you're really worried then spend the money and go see someone who specializes in testis cancer in your area. Ask for blood work as well, if it is a non-seminomatous type of cancer it will give of markers but if it a classical seminoma it most likely won't. If you're around the Boston area go see Doctor Robert Oates at Boston Medical Center or Dr. James Ku at Mount Auburn hospital both of them will be able to tell you by looking at the ultrasound (which you should bring with you, usually on a cd) and by doing a physical exam. If you are as worried as you say, then get a second opinion that is all there is to it.

            Good Luck,


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              The issue is, I am located in rural Nebraska in a town called North Platte. The urologist I saw is perhaps the most qualified in the area. I think perhaps I am facing a different beast altogether. I have no reason to doubt the opinion of the urologist but still am doing everything I can to convince myself to doubt them. I believe this is my health anxiety flaring up something fierce instead of any actual physical issue. A bit if time and monitoring will be able to tell me but I think I might be on the wrong forums to discuss what's going on in my head.

              Still, I thank you all for the valuable input! I'll continue to keep checking on it regularly and if symptoms develop or it gets worse I will go back to the urologist.
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                Originally posted by TikPandora View Post
                Still, I thank you all for the valuable input! I'll continue to keep checking on it regularly and if symptoms develop or it gets worse I will go back to the urologist.
                You should really just breathe a big sigh of relief that you do not have TC. Examine monthly but no more often than that and go on with your life. You mind can be your worst enemy sometimes, don't let it.


                Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
                Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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                  Originally posted by Davepet View Post

                  You should really just breathe a big sigh of relief that you do not have TC. Examine monthly but no more often than that and go on with your life. You mind can be your worst enemy sometimes, don't let it.

                  I'm doing my best to do that, but I've noticed since the Urologist appointment that I can feel a strange pulling sensation, almost like a pressure in my pelvis right below my waistline. Also, my mind has seemingly been in a fog for the past few days. I've been forgetful and everything just feels...heavy. I have myself convinced that whatever I have has spread not only to my lymph nodes in my groin but also to my brain. I lost my job a few days ago, due to having a massive panic attack at the register over all of this. They couldn't find me a replacement and I simply had to walk out and quit without notice basically. I just couldn't handle all of it. The worry has been consuming my life. I have a therapy appointment tomorrow at 11:00 AM to discuss everything with a therapist. I've also been feeling what I can only describe as a slight and constant ache in the testicle that had been examined thoroughly.

                  Like I said, I *would* get a second opinion, but money is tight and I'm already going to barely be able to pay my bills (insurance has a $2700 deductible and I'm out of network), and I already have seen the most experienced and qualified Urologist within almost two hundred miles of my location.
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                    I was going to post this as an edit, but I don't think that would be appropriate in this sort of scenario.

                    I felt around the testicle in question again today, even though I was told not to do so for at least a month. I wasn't having another one of my panic attacks and I just...needed to try to feel up without being in the midst of a breakdown. I was able to locate the nodule in question, which immediately appeared to be on the epididymis itself. And with a gentle but firm grasp I held the testicle against one of my fingers and tries to move the nodule...and even though it didn't move very much, I am pretty sure I was able to get it to move from side to side independent from the testicle, though it's hard to tell for sure simply due to the fact that the epididymis is attached. This little finding, as well as getting a generally better feel, makes my confidence in the report from the ultrasound skyrocket.

                    I discovered that the pressure in my groin was...stupidly enough, the feeling of the elastic waistband from my boxers and athletic shorts putting pressure on my waist and the very top of my groin, and i learned at my therapy appointment that the head fog I've been feeling is probably due to my dosage change of Zoloft.
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