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Worried about TC

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  • Worried about TC

    I am for 14 years old,

    For the past while I have had a pain in my left testicle, last night my left testicle, my left leg and my left side really started to hurt. I have taken pain killers to try ease the pain but it doesn't work. It doesn't hurt when I pee and I have no idea what it could be. To be completely honest with you, I do masturbate around 2-3 times a day but I have recently stopped because of the pain.

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    Testicular Cancer doesn't usually cause reference pain down the leg. It might be cancer but more like could be a nerve problem. Can't hurt to go to your doctor to discuss, worst case you have peace of mind
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      Sorry you are having these problems. It does not sound like TC to me, but you need to see a doc & get checked out. Clearly there is a problem that needs attention. I'm afraid that at your age, you may have to talk to your folks to make that happen. It will be embarrassing, to be sure, but I suspect you will be surprised at the response. Just do it.

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        There are a lot of reasons for that kind of leg pain (even just needing a chiropractic adjustment) but definitely talk to your parents and see a doctor to rule out TC, between the time my husband was diagnosed and the start of chemo, the abdominal mass he had got large enough to compress nerves and blood vessels to his right leg, and he had a lot of pain and swelling in that leg and testicle. Changes are you have something else going on, but check it out, if it's not TC maybe whatever it is can be easily fixed, and if by some chance it is TC, you need to find that out sooner rather than later.