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Please help. I'm losing hope

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  • Please help. I'm losing hope

    Hello I'm an avid weight lifting and fitness enthusiast. Back in February I behind to have my first strain symptoms. It started with a dull occasional ache in my right testicle, not hindering my weight lifting. Over nearly 3 weeks the ache became more consistitent began to have trouble bending over. 2 months in I was in constant pain, inguinal area, could barley bend over, testicle pain on the backside. 3 months same symptoms. Completely done lift g weight due to it increasing symptoms. Over months 4 and 5 the pain began to lessen and I was able to start bending over more easily. However a tugging sensation in thebright testicle and a tugging/tight pulling sensation right about my penis(right side) and discomfort in my pubic area have been with me since 2 months ago. I've been to 2 uroligist. And one family doctor. Been through 3 weeks of cipro and given stretches. The cipro was 2 months ago and the stretches haven't helped anything either. I still have not resumed weight lifting for 4 months. If anyone can help I'm begging. I don't know what to do an am begging to lose hope that I'll ever get better and feel normal and lift again. The depression had set in and I feel like giving up everyday. Should I got to another doctor? Get a cats can or what? Somebody please shed some light I'm 20 years old thanks so much

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    It sounds to me more like you pulled something really bad, TC isn't really likely to cause that sort of pain, & it would not improve after a few months as a rule, it would get steadily worse.I would suggest a doc that deals with sports injuries.

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