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30 y/o with 2 lumps on left testicle, testicle has also shrunk...

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  • 30 y/o with 2 lumps on left testicle, testicle has also shrunk...

    Hi everyone,

    Great to have a supportive forum like this, and I felt there were others who had been in similar situations and/or experts here. Just to let you know, I'm from Wales in UK and refer to my doctor as a GP.

    I'm 30 and I've been having an issue for years where my testicles don't tend to 'hang' much, and stay quite tight no matter what, and more than often more recently, they keep riding up and going back up past my penis. This happens often, but more than often when receiving some sort of sexual stimulation, or even just lying down. Anyway.

    A few weeks ago, I found a pea sized lump towards the top of my left testicle. The lump feels 'attached' and pretty firm. My left testicle has always been a little smaller so I wasn't worried about that. When I kept feeling it, I started to feel an uncomfortable pain. I visited my GP and they said that its completely normal and just my epididymis which can be an abnormal shape. I accepted this.

    Within a week, the pain was a little more noticeable, but more of an ache, so this didn't feel normal. Then a week later, the pain became very uncomfortable, and whenever I moved my legs or gently nudged my groin, the pain was almost agonising. My left testicle was very difficult to touch, and when I did, the pain was excruciating. It felt a little swollen but I'm not sure.

    Saw my GP again, who seemed quite happy and said that its epididymitis which probably hasn't come from an STI (this wouldn't make sense!) but possibly from a UTI or some other source. I accepted and I was put on a week's course of antibiotics. By that time, the pain had subsided a lot, and since then I've just been left with a bit of an ache, however the only pain now seems to occur when I squeeze the lump, despite being firm.

    As the course was finishing, I noticed that there was another firm 'attached' lump of a similar size at the top of my left testicle, but the opposite side. I also noticed that the testicle seems to have shrunk significantly. So today I have just gone back to the GP, but saw a different doctor who would like me to be seen by an oncologist or urologist (not sure which one) with expertise in this area, and to receive an ultrasound. I have been referred but may be waiting up to a month (standard here in Wales).

    At the moment I am just very worried and I don't feel comfortable discussing it with anyone in my network so I'm reaching out here. I can't seem to find another article with an exact same scenario as mine so I was wondering if anyone can relate, shed any light or have anything to say in regards to this?

    I've been told its likely to be something on the epididymis due to the way it forms/connects, and also varicocele. However the connecting veins seem fine.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any help
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    With those symptoms, it is less likely to be TC, and more likely to be something else. TC usually doesn't present with pain at all, or sometimes very mild pain/ache.

    Please do get an ultrasound though - that will determine if the mass is solid/dense (likely TC), or non-solid/dense (hydrocelle, cyst, inflammation, infection, etc).
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      Sorry to hear that you are having these symptoms and having the ultrasound is definitely what I would want to have done. It could be any number of things going on but getting it sorted and making sure it isn't cancer is important. You shouldn't be having pain and there should be a reason for it so hopefully, the ultrasound will be done sooner than later.

      I am not sure if it would help at all but in the UK there are NICE Guidelines on testicular issues that suggest either referral within 2 weeks or direct access to ultrasound:

      Testicular cancer
      1.6.7 Consider a suspected cancer pathway referral (for an appointment within 2 weeks) for testicular cancer in men if they have a non‑painful enlargement or change in shape or texture of the testis. [new 2015]
      1.6.8 Consider a direct access ultrasound scan for testicular cancer in men with unexplained or persistent testicular symptoms. [new 2015]

      I've ben up Mt Snowdon a few times and love Wales by the way.

      Keep us posted.

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        Thank you both for your replies, I appreciate it!

        I have had a call to confirm an appointment this Thursday (conforms with Nice guidelines as mentioned). It's with a urologist I think. However I am not sure if this will include an ultrasound too. I was advised by my GP that I might have the urologist appointment before the ultrasound, which sounds odd.

        Anyway, since Ive found the lumps Ive been having unusual symptoms which I'm hoping are completely unrelated. I'm feeling very achey and heavy. My legs, particularly my calves are throbbing 24/7 even when resting, and today my neck is very tender and feels bruised. I'm also feeling very sleepy often with a disturbed sleep.

        Anyway, no change with the symptoms I originally described (no further growth which is good). Noticing significant pain in my testicle and groin when I have an erection.

        Will post back any news from Thursday. Thanks again!

        Oh and Mt Snowdon here in Wales is fantastic!