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  • Ultrasound Results

    I am very sorry for being a nuisance and for troubling you on this forum. I posted on here a while back but have been unwell and haven't been able to post very much. Around August last year, I went for an ultrasound scan of my testes as I was having pain and the person who performed the scan said there was a 'coarse echo-texture and scattered microcalcifications.' He frightened me a lot as he said it was quite serious.

    I asked to be referred to the Urologist due to the pain I have been having after the ultrasound scan and he did not seem very concerned at the time. As the pain has continued, I had an ultrasound scan and was completed yesterday. I was told that the only thing that could be seen was 'varicose veins' and this is what is causing the pain. He said there wasn't any calcifications or anything.

    I was wondering if this is anything to be concerned about and whether calcifications are just down to an infection previously that has gone? I was in tears when I had my last ultrasound scan as I had surgery down below when I was younger and have a big fear.

    I was wondering as well as I have Bile Acid Malabsorpion with my bowels, I have lost a lot of weight and wondered as they are considering putting me on steroids to help whether putting weight on will cause me to develop bad things down there?

    Thank you for everything and for all the help people have previously given me.

    I am sorry to be a massive nuisance and pain.

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    I am not sure that I have heard of microcalcifications that have disappeared. I suppose I would ask my doctor about that as I am not a urologist so not all that familiar with general testicle health. I suppose with two different results you could also get a third opinion if you were not satisfied.

    I have not heard of any complications from a testicular cancer perspective with the use of glucocorticoid steroids (for example, prednisone, dexamethasone). Perhaps with anabolic steroids there is a risk but I would assume these types of steroids are not what they will be using, but again, yo could ask.

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      I went to my urologist and he reviewed the ultrasound scan. He said that there wasn't anything shown or anything that could be apart from the Variocele. I have been worrying for over a year since but I wasn't sure what to believe now.

      I have a terrible fear over it and worry everyday about it and don't know how to move forward now.

      Thank you,