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Iím 12 and found two lumps on my left testicle

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  • Iím 12 and found two lumps on my left testicle

    Hello, I am a 12 year old. 3 weeks ago, I was in school. My polo got wet in cold water. It was wet for about 5 hours, It started to hurt, the pain lasted 2 weeks. After that, it didnt hurt now. I then noticed 2 lumps on the top of my epidydymis and at the bottom. When I put pressure on the top cyst it hurts, and my stomach starts to hurt too. Can someone tell me what it is? Thanks.

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    update: It isnt as bad now the pain is still there sometimes but has decreased, it moves around a bit but connected to my testicle, it became smaller i think


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      Hi Sean. Thanks for sharing your concerns here. Chances are good there is nothing seriously wrong with you. But the fact that you searched for our site and posted your questions makes me think you are pretty scared. It can be an uncomfortable thing to do but you need to tell your parents immediately. Everyone here will continue to support you and offer advice but your first action is to go tell one of your parents right now if you can. It's important because this disease advances quickly and you don't want any more time to pass. You will need to let a doctor exam your testicles thoroughly and possibly have an ultrasound of them as well. My son said it didn't hurt and wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. I'm a mom of 3 boys and I'm here if you need help. Please get back to us today and let us know that you've spoken to your parents. Sending mama love to you!!! Angie


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        thank you for answering, it is very late for me right now so i cant tell. It is close or attached to my epidydymis so i am pretty confident it isnt tc. i barely get any pains now, thank you for giving me advice


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          Hi again Sean,

          You sound like a smart guy. Get some sleep and when it IS a good time, please tell your parents. And get back to me that you've told them!!! xoxoxoxo Angie


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            Hi Sean,

            Mentioning that you may have something wrong with your testicle to your mom certainly isn't easy and it is a bit awkward (for you as I am sure it will not be awkward for her). However, it only takes a few seconds to mention it and if it is cancerous and detected early it could just save your life. So, a moment of awkwardness could save a lifetime. If it ends up being something else, then at least you know what is going on and you will have peace of mind. I can tell you that once you get to the doctor and hopefully, have a scrotal ultrasound that none of the doctors or nurses are going to feel awkward. They are going to be only concerned that they are providing you with the best care to figure out what is going on.

            If you don't think you can get up the courage to say something to your mom, then perhaps just print out this forum thread and hand it too her and ask her to read it. I am more than happy to message your mom if you think that would help as well. The key is to get into the doctor sooner than later because if it is cancer and caught at an early stage then you will live a long healthy life but if it is diagnosed at later stages then the odds of a long healthy life decrease.

            Please keep us posted.

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              I agree with Mike. My teenage son came to me and told me about pain and swelling in his right testicle. It saved his life. Please let an adult know. Better to get it checked out.
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                We're all behind you Sean! Talk to your mom!


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                  Thank you so much to those who answered, I have good news which the pain is completely gone, although there is still a lump. The lump also became small, but I am having shortness of breath because of anxiety, all day. When I do something like play games, I dont experience it. When I sleep, nothing wrong.

                  I will tell my mom on friday, then go to doctor on saturday. Thank you everybody for giving me advice


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                    Hi Sean!
                    Anxiety is something I know a lot about! The symptoms you're experiencing (shortness of breath) are your body's way of telling you it's time to tell MOM! lol Sure I speak for everyone when I say we are glad you'll be telling your mom and taking control of your situation. I like Mike's idea of printing out this thread and giving it to her. Please keep in touch with us, we care about you and want you to be well! Remember, your posts will help other young men who visit this forum for answers and support. You could save someone's life!


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                      Thanks for replying again, MamaAng. My shortness of breath has improved so much, I donít even notice it sometimes. I will still go to the doctor at saturday just to be sure.


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                        Good!!! Keep updating us and let us know how it goes with your mom! xoxoxoxo