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Scared and Worried Beyond Belief

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  • Scared and Worried Beyond Belief

    I know that I am a big nuisance for keep posting on here but wanted to ask for some further advice and guidance at all. I have come to this forum as I went to my GP and they basically laughed at me after having the ultrasound but they wouldn't answer the questions that I have. Last year, I had an ultrasound scan that found calcifications and a 'coarse echotexture' but then in September, I had a follow-up ultrasound scan that said the following:


    Right testis appears inhomgeneous in texture showing increased vascularity.
    No evidence of microlithiasis seen on scan.
    No evidence of any intra testicular focal pathology.
    Mild to moderate variocele on right.
    Epidyitmus seen normal in appearance. No hydrocele.
    Summary: Right mild varicoele. Inhomogenous right testis with increased vascularity. No hydrocele. ? Orchitis.

    I was wondering what could cause inhomgeneous or coarse texture and whether the variocele can cause this? I also wondered whether increased vascularity is caused by the variocele or whether it is a sign of something bad? My GP said there has been no changes since my last ultrasound scan but last time they said they couldn't see a variocele.

    I would value any help, advice and support with this. I am undergoing a lot of health problems at the moment as I am having a lot of stomch and bowel issues and am severely underweight so everything is going through my mind in case this is the cause of my problems.

    Thank you for all your help on this forum,