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Shrunken left testicle and U/S

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  • Shrunken left testicle and U/S

    Hello, I'm a 36yo guy who is having issues with the left testicle.

    It all happened a few weeks ago, when i noticed that the left testicle was way smaller when compared to the right one.
    Till that day i had experienced no pain at all, and ,still today ,i cannot feel any pain.

    On that night i did i self exam and, although i could definitely tell that the left testicle had reduced in size, i couldn't feel any abnormality (in temps of lumps, veins etc).

    I decided to look into this more deeply and went to my GP first. Not happy with the waiting process he put in front of me via NSH (wait 2 weeks for the scan, then 2 weeks for results....) I decided to go and see a private urologist.

    He told me that chances of it being cancer were very small, but he sent me for a US, which i did yesterday.

    The ultrasound revealed that the right testicle is fine but the left one is atrophied (or going there) and shows some micro-calcification but no signs of cancer. The urologist told me "it looks not normal but not sinister", and that there was no torsion, history of trauma or whatsoever that at the moment could explain what caused it.

    My question is: Would the tumor, if there, have shown in the U/S?

    Has anyone had an experience similar to this? I can't find anything online. All the cases are about torsion, varicocele and sometimes cancer, but with something showing up on the US.

    I've asked the urologist if there are other tests we can do and he said he can send me for tumor marker tests, which i'm going to do this week.

    Really not sure what to think.

    Thanks for reading

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    It would be pretty unusual for a tumor to nt show up in an U/S. Certainly regular monitoring is appropriate, but it does not sound like there is anything to be overly concerned about right now.

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      If your urologist offers any reason for the atrophy then do keep us posted. You should always continue monthly testicular self-exams but the ultrasound is pretty good at identifying if there are any solid masses that might be indicative of a testicular cancer.

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        Thanks Dave and Mike.

        I had a blood sample taken yesterday for the tumor markers. Did it privately, again, to reduce the waiting time. They should be in any minute or tomorrow. The waiting is killing me.... I am sure many on here can relate. Will keep you posted, thanks
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