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Had partial orchiectomy

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  • Had partial orchiectomy

    Well hi everyone my name is Chris and Iím 21 years old. I feel like my surgery is kinda uncommon as when I try to find answer no one has them when I look them up. On November 14th I had a partial orchiectomy with half my right testicle being removed as my doctor had suspected cancer but after a frozen section showed my tumor being benign thankfully he removed half the testicle. Through weíre still watching it to make sure none of the tumor was left and to make no cancer appears. Iíve been healing good as I can I guess, itís been alittle over 4 weeks since surgery and Iíve noticed my now half testicle off and on this week has gotten this sharp needle like pain. Itís not constant but come and goes? Anyone know if this is normal, I do have pain still in the incision and I was curious when this pain might good away?
    To everyone who replies I greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you,

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    Incision pain goes away pretty quickly. I was off pain meds after first night and did not feel any pain after 2 weeks. Numbness however still remains 4 months after.

    Pain is different for everyone however.

    Congrats on half ball! At least you got to keep some of it.


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      Hello. I know this is an older post but I'll reply anyway.

      I had a partial orchiectomy on my right testicle too and frankly, it took forever for things to start feeling as normal as they could. The first year there were lots of uncomfortable feelings in the area. From numbness, pinching or some constant pain. Things got better on year 2 and now I barely thing of it, although sometimes it bothers me (rarely)

      Summing up, it's just takes a long long time for things to heal.
      10 aug 15 - Visit to PCP detects bump on right testicle after some discomfort
      17 aug 15 - Ultrasound reveals 1cm posterior upper mass on right testicle. Well defined w/ vascularity (age 39 at this moment)
      18 aug 15 - CT scan with normal results. Tumor markers normal.
      19 aug 15 - Urology visit recommends immediate right I/O. I want second opinion.
      24 aug 15 - Second opinion with outside Urologist. Decent chance of benign tumor (very well defined, paratesticular). Partial right I/O something to try.
      24 aug - 2 sep 15 - More 3rd, 4rd opinions concur on partial right I/O
      18 sep 15 - Partial right I/O. Tumor excised, waiting for pathology.
      25 sep 15 - Pathology in. Adenomatoid tumor. Bening tumor! No further treatment needed.
      16 nov 15 - New 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.8 cm bump found! Hematoma suspected.


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        In Which country you did partial io? If you donít mind me asking.