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I've been concerned about TC for a couple of weeks but now I'm not so sure...

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  • I've been concerned about TC for a couple of weeks but now I'm not so sure...

    So I am 17 years old and a couple weeks ago i noticed a very small lump (~0-2mm?) on the front upper right side of my right testicle. I was really concerned about having TC for a bit and did a bunch of reading on it. However, these past few days, I noticed that the size of the lump had slightly decreased and one thing to mention is that I do not believe I have experienced any of the other signs of TC. My testicle firmness is normal, everything else is fine and I feel pretty healthy. I know you guys are probably gonna tell me to just visit the doctor but I am a really shy guy and it's really uncomfortable for me to talk about this stuff with my parents. So, I was just wondering that since the lump is slowly decreasing in size, is it safe to say that it is not TC? Thanks for any advice in advance!

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    Any unusual lumps on a testicle need to be evaluated by a doc. No exceptions.Most of the time a lump is the *ONLY* symptom of TC, lack of other symptoms is meaningless.With both of my TC's abnormal testicles were the only symptom.Being shy is no excuse, this is potentially your life that you are going to save. Isn't that worth a bit of embarrassment? Believe me your folks will just want to get you checked out as soon as possible.

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      If you got a lump, please go to your doctor and have it checked out. It will give you great peace of mind as well.
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      03JAN17- Ended 1xBEP; start surveillance
      18MAR17-2nd pathology report shows 90% EC , 10% seminoma


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        Hi people I want to share my worries with you.
        I was in shower yesterday and felt a small lump in right testicle top locate a few kilometers away from epidimytis. Itís about 6mm and the lump itself is about 2mm.
        I went to doc and he examined my testicle but said he couldnít feel it.
        Although with some tries I do feel it with my bear fingers. He was using gloves so I donít know if reduces sensibility.
        The doctor said that if it becomes worse (bigger I think thatís what he meant) to comeback for an ultrasound. Iím scared like hell but I have seen on internet that some guys have what is is called epidimytis appendix. Maybe itís just that... Anyhow Iím still monitoring it
        The lump it hard but when I move with my finger I get the feeling that it moves a little bit not sure if it is the test i itself moving.


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          Meant a few millimeters away not km (autocorrection)


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            Anonymous, I know it's embarrassing to talk about this kind of stuff with your parents. No 17 year old wants to talk about testicles with their parents. But as a mom of 3 boys, I can tell you your parents will NOT be embarrassed and will be very upset if you are sick and didn't tell them. Chances are very good you do not have TC. But let's just talk worst case scenario. TC has excellent cure rates which improve even more with early detection. You need to tell your parents and go see your doctor. There is no other way around it. There's a thread on this forum from a mom whose son died at age 13. He had a lump for several months and didn't tell her. So take your computer over to your mother and ask her to read your thread. TODAY. xoxo


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              Telling your parents about any testicle issues can be awkward but it only takes 5 seconds to mention it and that moment of awkwardness could end up saving your life if it is testicular cancer. If it isn't, then at least you will have peace of mind. The scrotal ultrasound is really the best test to tell what is going on. Being able to tell a lump the size of 2 mm is shrinking has to be near impossible to be honest. The best thing is to just get checked my a doctor, hopefully, with a scrotal ultrasound.

              Luigi9, you can always ask you doctor for an ultrasound and if they refuse you could get a second opinion. I would continue monitoring it monthly via self-testicular exams regardless, but unless my physician was very confident that they knew what the issue was then I would rather hav an ultrasound than trust the physicians magic fingers in telling what is wrong.

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                Anonymous2000 and luigi9...

                I'm a little worried that you haven't come back on, with any updates or more information. You definitely need to go to the doctor. If there is any question when it comes to cancer related crap, just go. I waited 2 months while my whole testicle continued to grow to the size of a small orange. It was rock hard, and the cancer was eating it away from within. Luckily, my pain became so unbearable one night, that I made my wife drive me to the ER. They found nothing, they're trained in so many things, they couldn't have been able to know what was happening. They told me to schedule with urologist and come back later for an ultrasound.

                Quick background, my testicles had been causing me mild to moderate pain since I was about 18, and I'd had many doctors give me many ultrasounds, and they all came back saying that nothing was wrong with me.

                I figured this was no different, so I decided not to get an ultrasound. Two days later they called me, and told me I was supposed to go to them for an ultrasound, and reluctantly I decided I had to go in. The ultrasound tech made sure that I also had a follow urology appointment (closest was a month away) to go over the results.

                I fell asleep on the couch that night, and was frantically awoken by my wife telling me the urologist was on the phone, and wanted to talk to me. They told me I needed to get into the urologist that day, and 2 hours later I was told I had testicular cancer. 11 years of testicular pain being nothing, 2 months of testicular pain being cancer.

                Get your BEHINDS to the doctor, and practically demand an ultrasound. Schedule to see a urologist, they are specialists, and the funny thing is mine still wasn't entirely convinced it was cancer, he'd never seen it like this before, but they know when to take it seriously.