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    My story - a few months ago I had some discomfort in my groin area, this was mainly at work where I wear tight trousers and put it down to that and sitting with my legs crossed a lot. It only really mildly hurt when I was sitting. Anyway this pain came and went for a few weeks then went completely for a while. It came back at the start of december with some mild pain in my right lower abdomen, leg and lower back so I went to the doctor. She examined me and said everything felt normal, I also checked myself and no change to the size/shape and no lumps. Thought it might be a uti as I was having some urinary symptoms too but tests came back all clear - as did blood tests. She booked me in for a non urgent ultrasound just to be sure on testes, groin and abdomen.

    My ultrasound is on the 15th jan and I've been horribly worried the last couple of weeks which seems to have made me notice the pain more. I've now convinced myself its tc and that the pain is from it spreading... my ultrasound can't come quick enough!

    Just thought I would get started on here with my story and if it is bad news I feel this forum will be very helpful, and if it's not then I guess my story might help others in the same position.

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    Anxiety is a terrible thing. You're on the right track and you've done what you can. The only thing I would say is ask your doctor is you can move your U/S sooner. Try to find something else to focus a book, binge some Netflix, go visit a friend, host a party. You're not alone and we'll support you here, no matter your DX and remember the incredibly high cure rates of TC!!! Just find something to take your mind of things for now.


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      Thanks for your words. I have tried to get it moved forward but I'm in the uk and that seems to be the quickest it could be done. My GP wasn't at all worried as no lump and advised that TC doesn't usually present as pain (although I've read a lot on here from people who did)

      So I'll just have to control my anxiety and wait it out. Obviously I've jumped to the worst possible scenario that it is TC and a late stage with the pain I'm having. The high rates of cure do help, I'll keep that in mind.


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        I'd like to say a couple of things:
        First - pain is NOT common, most of the time the only symptom is the lump on the testicle (which you don't have). I'm pretty convinced that most of the guys who think they had pain from TC were simply fortunate to have pain from some other source that led to the discovery of the TC. Obviously, there is no way to prove that.

        Second - Based on your post, it seems highly unlikely you have TC at all, much less an advanced case. Your mind is messing with you. Worry can do that. MomaAng is right, try to distract yourself until the U/S can give you peace of mind. It is only about a week away.

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          Thanks Dave,

          My GP said the same about pain not being common. I explained to him that I think it is TC and that it must have spread to my brain as I've been having headaches and lightheadedness - again he was less than impressed with my self diagnosis.

          I think I've got some health anxiety going on as well as any physical symptoms so will try to look into that. I'll also come back on here after my ultrasound with an update either way.

          Thanks for your help