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Need Advice after Seeing a Doctor...

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  • Need Advice after Seeing a Doctor...

    Hello all!

    About two years ago, I posted here during a TC scare that (thankfully) turned out to be a false alarm after I saw my GP. Recently, Iíve had something of a second ďscareĒ and Iím wondering what everyoneís input and/or advice is; so here it goes:

    In late December, I noticed what I can only describe as a tiny ďbumpĒ on my left testicle, about the size of a ballpoint pen head. The bump feels like itís located on the upper portion (toward the top) of the testicle when Iím standing and examining, but when I try to examine it sitting, it feels like itís in a totally different place, toward the bottom or off to the side (as if it moves when Iím in different positions).

    Being proactive, I went in to see my GP for a physical several days later. She gave me a very thorough testicular exam and said that she felt nothing suspicious, no lumps or anything.

    I breathed a sigh of relief. Still, I kept feeling this same small bump. I asked my partner if he could feel it. He could not. The problem kept nagging at me, and I started to fear that maybe my doctor had somehow missed something or that perhaps I was in the early stages of TC and the bump just wasnít big enough to notice.

    After worrying and stewing over it, I scheduled an appointment with a urologist. The doctor came pretty highly recommended as one of the best specialists in my area with a great deal of experience (almost 20 years). By this time, it had been about six weeks since my appointment with my GP, so I reasoned, if anything was developing or worrisome, it was long enough for the urologist to notice.

    That being said, I'd like to note that in my estimation, the bump hadn't gotten any larger at all. Still, I figured that it was better to be safe than sorry.

    I explained my predicament to the urologist and he gave me a very thorough testicular exam. He concluded that I did have a small epididymal cyst, but other than that, there was nothing else irregular. He said that he could not feel the mysterious small bump either and that it was likely, in his professional opinion, that I had a very tiny cyst of the testicular tunica albuginea, and that was what I was feeling.

    Just to be safe, I asked him if he thought that I needed an ultrasound and he said I definitely did not. He explained that if I had TC, nine times out of ten it would be very obvious to him as a doctor that there was something wrong or suspicious. In all his nearly twenty years of practicing urology, there was only one case he ever had that did not present with any obvious testicular symptoms, but even that patient had a secondary tumor elsewhere.

    So my question is, should I still be worried? After six weeks, would a small tumor have grown to the point where it could be noticed on palpitation by a doctor? I imagine it still wouldn't be the same size and would have undergone at least some growth, unlike the bump I've been feeling? Or am I pretty much in the clear, after visiting no less than two doctors in six weeks and neither finding anything suspicious or wrong with me upon exam? Could they both have missed something vital? Or am I just being a hypochondriac?

    ​Thank you in advance! I appreciate all the great help and support this community provides
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    This is sort of the same with me.. there is a lump on the top of my left testicle and I can feel it when standing up but when laying down or something, I can kinda feel it but not really. I went to the ER and the nurse sorta did an exam but only felt the sides and front of the testicle.. gonna try and get an ultrasound but i'm worried that they will misdiagnose it.


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      If you are still concerned then getting a second (third) opinion and a scrotal ultrasound is always an option.

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        My understanding from the urologist is that it's very obvious to notice - mine told me right away. You can get a general practitioner to send for an ultrasound and will tell you results very quickly!
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