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Follow up to strange presentations

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  • Follow up to strange presentations

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Iím at 17 months since the initial incident... a refresher...

    On October 6 of 2016, ten days after my daughter was born, I experienced the absolute worst pain of my entire life in my right testicle that radiated to my back. It was intermittent but was nearly unbearable. I went to an urgent care who sent me directly to the emergency room where proper diagnostic tools could be used. An ultrasound ruled out torsion but did reveal an area of questionable echogenicity that was questionable for malignancy, segmental infarction, hemorrhage, or hematoma. The lesion was avascular or hypovascular. All tumor markers were normal. Two weeks later, then in November, December, March, July, and this past month I have had follow up ultrasounds with near complete resolution of the lesion except some very faint stranding consistent with a scar. I had two abdominal CT scans- one a month after the initial pain incident and one at the ten month interval which came back negative for metastatic disease. I have not had one since. Due to the lesion being avascular or hypovascular, the negative CT scans, the negative tumor markers, and the initial incident of acute pain, the Doctor feels fairly certain that this is not cancer but said there is a remote chance it could be a burned out seminoma (which, as you are probably aware, can potentially metastasize) but is leaning toward infarct. All of these possibilities seem to be exceedingly rare and are often confused with one another. I have problems with the left side so orchiectomy of the right one would effectively neuter me and Iím still young. He feels safe discontinuing surveillance but the uncertainty is concerning to me. Heís reluctant to order follow up CT scans due to my having had nine (for unrelated events) in the past 18 months which I completely understand.

    So... recap...

    Sudden onset of sever pain, tumor markers normal, avascular spot found, serial improvement of avascular spot, no metastasis at 10 months, scar remaining.

    A scar could be a burned out tumor or it could be another anomaly according to them.

    Can anyone relate or does anyone see anything the recognize as being something theyíve run across or know to be uncharacteristic of TC?

    Thanks for everything!

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    I had sudden sharp pain. Ultrasound showed solid mass with increased blood flow that doctors misdiagnosed as “most likely cancer”. After surgery I learned that it really was an infraction caused by isolated necrotising arteritis.

    I do not have any sort of follow up. Doctors don’t really know anything about it (what causes it, can it happen again). They just tell me it’s rare. Frankly I no longer trust any of them.


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      Interesting. Mine has almost no blood flow.