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18 Year old with multiple lumps on same testicle?

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  • 18 Year old with multiple lumps on same testicle?

    Hello I am an 18 Year old with a Lump on the testicle the size of about half a pea but then I noticed there is one not too far from it thats about half the size of that and I am not certain about this but I may of also felt a few really really small ones too surrounding them. I am going to the doctors tomorrow but wondering if anyone has any ideas because i cant seem to find anything about multiple lumps on same testicle and I am really hoping it is not TC.

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    Multiple lumps are certainly a possibility and they are usually referred to as "multifocal" lesions or tumors. Not that what you are feeling is necessarily a case of this. However, the key is that you are going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully, they will order a scrotal ultrasound so that you know for sure what is going on. Keep us posted on how tomorrow goes.

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      Most importantly you got the Dr apt, a lot of poeple wait months and months before doing that. An ultrasound will show you what's going on and if it's anything to worry about. Until then keep calm and hope for the best.