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Should I go get this checked out or might it just be nothing?

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  • Should I go get this checked out or might it just be nothing?

    Hi everyone. I'm new the site and wanted to get some opinions on whether what I have might be a problem or not.

    So, first off, around 6 months ago I developed pains in my stomach/groin. Ultrasounds eventually revealed that I was born with a missing kidney. While they did the ultrasound for that they also scanned by testicles. They never mentioned anything came back as wrong and the pains just went away.

    However, now, after doing the self-examination a few months ago for the first time, I noticed something on my right testicle. I don't know if its always been there or not. It feels like a growth and its located right on the very bottom of the testicle. I saw a doctor and she couldn't feel it herself, but it's sort of hard to locate even for me half the time. I checked the left testicle as best I could and to me that one just feels completely smooth and there's nothing I can feel at the bottom.

    It does sort of feel like there's some small veins or tubing going from around the back of the right testicle leading to this growth. It makes me think that I might be just feeling the tail of the epididymis, but it seems weird to me that I can feel it pretty clearly on the right testicle but not at all on the left. Is it normal to even be able to feel the epididymis at all?

    Just to be clear, it feels like its the very bottom of this blue thing in the image here:

    I'm thinking I might just get another ultrasound to be safe, but haven't decided yet. I have no pain or anything like that, and what I'm feeling doesn't seem to have grown any since I first noticed it a few months ago.


    - Hayden.

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    It's probably fine, but not gonna tell anyone to not get an ultrasound if you're not sure about something!
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