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  • Already seen a Dr.

    I found a lump a few weeks ago and went the the ER. Dr felt it, said it was nothing to worried about but ordered an US.

    I was still very nervous, so i booked an emergency appoinment with my family Dr. He felt it, said it felt like a cyst, but encouraged me to go to the US.

    I went to the US, they said they had the local Urologist look at it and theyre comvinced its a cyst but i should go back in 2-3 months for another US. If its a cyst, why would they want me back? Also, i must touch it 10-12 times a day and im convinced its getting bigger. Ive read that i shouldnt touch it more than once a week. Is this true?

    If it keeps growing, should i be nervous? Through this ive found out my dad had cysts in his younger days and they went away on their own.

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    They want to confirm. Stop worrying.


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      I wouldn't be overly concerned but I would follow up as recommended. The US is very good at detecting and ruling out testicular cancers. Even in the worse case, and it was a cancer, if the results now are inconclusive, then following up in 2 months would really have no effect on your outcomes. I would leave it alone and not check it 10 times a day as you'll never notice a difference that way and then follow up in 2 months.

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        Youre doing the right thing, no need to worry.


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          Lucky dad. Last week I had my cysts removed as they had grown over the past 8 years to be about the size of a large orange. And they were uncomfortable even though I knew they were cysts (US) and seldom touched them. (Multi focal, an uncounted number of cysts).

          You have nothing to worry about.


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            I wouldn't worry, they are just being cautious. Manipulating your testicles 10 times a day could easily irritate them & cause swelling. Once a month is the recommendation for self exams.

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