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Lump in left testicle for long time

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  • Lump in left testicle for long time

    Hello everyone,

    I have lump in my left testicle for almost 4 years now. Never had pain in testicle, neither in my back, never had blood in urine or in semen, none of the tc symptoms, also I didn't have any other health problems. I read that testicle gets bigger every 10 to 30 days if you have cancer, but my testicle is same size as it was before 4 years. I'm worried if it is cancer.

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    Chances are it's not cancer based on the time you mentioned but you should go get an ultrasound to rule it out. It'll put your mind at rest. I didn't have any symptoms but a cancerous bump which I don't believe I had for too long.



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