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It is cancer?

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  • It is cancer?

    Like to share my story and get any feedback if someone knows what could be wrong with me. In January of this year my left testicle started to have a dull ache. I did a self check but did not feel anything. I went to my GP and he checked me out and did not feel anything either. He did have me submit a urin sample to rule out a urinary tract infection. It came back as having a small trace of blood in my urine. The doctor gave me a antibiotic for a week and told me to come back in a month for a follow up urinalysis. I went back and redone my urinalysis. The nurse called the next day and told me all clear. She also asked if my dull ache had gone away and I said no. She called me back later that day and said the doctor wanted me to have an testicular ultrasound done. I had that done on April 10th. A few days later the results came back. The nurse called and told me the test show “an abnormal hypoechic focus along the inferior left testicle”. That spot measures 1.4x1.3x0.7 cm. He said it looked like an old injury but I can’t remember ever having been hurt in that area. The radiologist also states “a primary testicular mass or lymphoma can not be ruled out”.
    When my GP got the results he then sent me to a urologist. The urologist said he agreed with the radiologist report. He also showed me the pictures and showed where the area of concern was at. He is sending me back for another ultrasound on July 10th, the back to the urologist on the 16rh to go over the results again. He told me if the pain is still there or if the spot has grown he could remove the testicle. Kind of torn on getting my testicle removed and not know what has happened to make it hurt. He has me on naproxen every 12 hours for the pain. Know when I urinate I have a funny feeling in the same area. It kind of hurts to walk because my pants rub against the spot. Any info or feedback would be very much appreciated.