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Still concerned after a doctors visit.

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  • Still concerned after a doctors visit.

    Hello, I'm new here and was going to post on here some questions a few weeks ago about some problems I've been having but decided not to and just went straight to the doctors. I'm 23 and have had no past history of pain or problems with my testicles or anything in that area, but a few months ago I found something that I thought was a lump and turned out only to be my epididymis. I have extreme anxiety though and was checking myself down there multiple times a day poking and squeezing to see if i could find anything. This caused pain that freaked me out. So I stopped poking around there for a few weeks and the pain went away but then i got worked up and started checking again. The pain returned, so finally I made a doctors appointment and told her the problems I was having and was given an examination. She check my groin, lymph nodes, and testes and said that she was absolutely certain there was nothing wrong, no cancer, and that I have nothing to worry about. She did say though that if I wanted to, I could go back in for an ultrasound to be extra sure but she was going to leave it up to me. Now slightly before the appointment and after the appointment, I've had this dull ache in my left testicle / groin area that won't really go away, as well as a tugging sensation on my left testicle. The pain isn't horrible but it does bother me, It's like a bruised feeling. I have also noticed that I'm not producing as much semen as normal. The really weird thing is too, when I put on a compression brace for my knee, the pain in my testicle / groin seems to go away? Now I am afraid that something was overlooked here and I am freaking out once again. Does anyone think this could be something cancerous, something non cancerous, or nothing at all? I should also add that I have gained about 30lbs or so in the past 6 or 7 months and can really feel it. Whenever I lift my left leg up, it kind of brings my testicle up with it and it's almost like I'm kicking myself in the testicle when I walk, but for some reason it doesn't happen on the right side, most likely due to the different shape. Some of my clothes are a bit tighter than they used to be as well. If anyone can help me here to ease my mind or inform me of some things I will be truly grateful!

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    No u/s? You need an u/s. So sorry you were not offered one.Please get one ASAP if pain is persisting. This happened to my son, no u/s offered, but he had swelling that had him telling me something was wrong.
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      I was offered an ultrasound but was told by the doctor that she really didn't think it was necessary and left the choice up to me to go get one. I probably will but should also point out that I have no swelling or anything like you mentioned with your son. It's kind of a bruised feeling that comes and goes, it's not constant.


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        I don't see much point in getting an U/S. Based on what you've written, your pain is being caused by over examination. It went away when you stopped, after all. You need to leave things alone down there, once a month is often enough for a self exam. More can cause the problems you describe. I don't see a problem with getting an U/S, but it will most likely be clear, and you will most likely still be worried they "missed something" so you won't get the peace of mind an all clear U/S should provide. So my advise is to leave it alone, check briefly once a month, and if you find a lump, go to the doc.

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