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    I am praying you told them.


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      About 12 years ago, my wife and I were dealing with fertility issues so I went to a urologist. Long story short, he found a bump, did an ultrasound, said it was a hydrocele, and recommended we monitor it with an U/S every 6 months to a year (I think, I don't remember the exact frequency).

      I went back a couple of times to get it checked out, but as nothing developed, I let it go and quit going.

      Now I'm 41 and found a 25cm mass in my retroperitoneal in June--pure seminoma, or at least that's what we hope (I'm currently going through 4xEP, and the tumor is responding well to the chemo).

      My point is, don't put it off. I'm assuming my situation 12 years ago is related in some way, or maybe not since 12 years is a long time. Still, I'm ashamed because of what I'm putting my family through with this. But thinking back, if there was a chance I could've gotten an orchiectomy and saved myself 4 rounds of chemo and the scariness of a 25cm tumor and the uncertainty of the future, I would have done it in a heartbeat.

      I'm an idiot for the way I handled it, and it's cost my family a lot of worry and fear. Please don't do what I did, take care of it. I'm sure your parents and family will be very supportive.
      March/April 2018 - Started feeling tightness in right abdomen
      6/4/18 - US+CT confirm massive tumor in right retroperitoneum (25cm x 18.7cm x 15.7cm)
      6/20/18 - Biopsy performed (suspecting sarcoma)
      6/25/18 - Diagnosed stage IIIC seminoma
      6/28/18 - Started 4xEP
      9/7/18- Finished 4xEP
      10/10/18 - PET Scan - (7.3cm x 4.6cm) max SUV 4.6 - Mostly clear!
      1/14/19 - PET Scan - (5.9cm x 2.9cm) max SUV 3.0 - All clear!



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