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  • Is it TC?

    About a month ago I got hit in the testicles. the Left one swelled up a hell of a lot leading me to go to casualty 2 days later. During the ultrasound to rule rule out rupture, They found a "Growth" as the doctor called it the first time.

    After the second ultrasound the doctor said to wait 2 months(this was about 1 month already after the "growth" had been found) I got the Radiology report. From my very limited look/knowledge of Ultrasounds it looks like Lefty is toast(any advice on this is welcome) but in the report the right one had a lesion with a "hypoechoic centre. No internal vascularity."

    I had blood tests which were clear, I will be getting a follow up ultrasound in the next 2 months or so. The radiologists report indicates they think the lesion may be from the trauma, So would that mean the waiting makes sense? and if it doesn't disappear then what would be the likely course of action?

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    Here's what the Testicular Cancer Resource Center dictionary has to say about "hypoechoic':
    Hypoechoic - A term used to describe a part of an ultrasound image where the echoes are not as bright as normal or are less bright than the surrounding structures. Hypoechoic structures in the testicle usually mean there is a solid mass inside the testicle, and that mass is very likely to be cancerous and should be removed.
    Considering the injury, a two month wait & another U/S isn't a bad plan. If it is bad news, it should be obvious by then, but the wait shouldn't affect you being cured.

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      "If it is bad news, it should be obvious by then, but the wait shouldn't affect you being cured." thanks that was my main concern, would you think its likely that the reason they are being so careful is because the injury to the left one is quite serious?


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        Barring injury or other kinds of preceding event a hypoechoic mass inside the testicle is treated like cancer until proven otherwise. Usually, this means removal of the testicle to get a pathology of the mass (often urgently).

        The wait and see approach seems reasonable considering you have an injury. I would guess that the injury should get better and better each day/week. If it heads the other way, seems like a good idea to check in with your doctor.

        If you're very anxious about this you could ask to get TC tumor markers done (HCG, AFP, LDH); but not all tumors secrete these markers. Hence it would be inconclusive at best.
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          Originally posted by hwk View Post
          a lesion with a "hypoechoic centre. No internal vascularity."
          Can try to help only with this issue. No internal vascularity means that it's probably not a tumor, because tumors must have internal vascularity (blood vesels) that help them grow. So i think that "No vascularity" is eufemism for "no tumor", but something else, like a cist or something. Waiting seems reasonable (for this issue).
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            Originally posted by mcintoda View Post
            If you're very anxious about this you could ask to get TC tumor markers done (HCG, AFP, LDH); but not all tumors secrete these markers. Hence it would be inconclusive at best.
            I've had that test luckily its all come back negative. So I guess its probably going to be nothing to worry about if its not vascular as well.
            The radiologist's report stated "Left testicular infarct with apparent breach of its anterior capsule." Don't know what means will happen to it. any input on that would be appreciated.


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              about a week ago I got another Ultrasound done. They wouldn't give me a copy of the Radiology report but I did get the images which showed whatever it was had grown. The letter the urologist sent me has a imaging request form for next month and I got another tumour marker blood test done. He said in the letter that its worth while keeping an eye on but his radiology colleague doesn't think its terribly suspicious. So I guess its just a wait and see what they do.

              Thanks for your help so far


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                Well, I suppose that is good news but frustrating that you have no definitive answers. Hopefully, with the close watching they will be able to decide on way or another for you. Many times the unknown is the hardest part.

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                  Thanks yeah it is quite annoying. but not much I can do about it I suppose thanks for your responses.