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Can 2 ultrasounds miss this?

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  • Can 2 ultrasounds miss this?

    Good day to you

    a month ago a hard rice sized lump showed up.Not near the epididymis.Went to 1 urologist he says ultrasound is very clear,the testicle is homogenic.And i am like what???I clearly feel a hard lump.So i go to another one.He does a more extensive check up,feels it a bit longer .Even before he checks it with the US he says that it will not show up.And it doesnt.He said it is not a hemorrhage ,so i guess he used doppler sonography too.He also said that it is nothing serious since it cant be seen on US.I still cant explain to myself how such a lump(like 2-3 mm) does not show up on US.Has this happened to anyone before?Best wishes

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    If its primary care doctor, they are pretty much clueless as to what or how to go about symptom run downs.
    But if you have had 2 US and botj came back negative for a tumor you are good.
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      A scrotal ultrasound is really the best test for detecting suspicious masses in the testicles. MRI can also be used but I believe it is rare for the results to differ from the US as far as testicular cancers go, especially given that the US is seeing nothing. You can always get a third opinion with looking at the previous two US images or even a third US. However, if it were me, I would give it some time (4-6 weeks) and to see if things resolve and if not then go back in if I am still having issues. If something progresses rapidly then I would go sooner but at 2-3 mm it is really small. I suppose they could do tumor marker labs (AFP, b-hCG, LDH) but again, with the US seeing nothing I wouldn't be overly concerned at this point but would keep an eye on things.

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        I'd be real curious if the rice lump you feel is free floating in the sack, or perhaps attached to the inside of the scrotum. Can you move it? Is it raised enough on the testicle that you can grab it? It could just be a tissue irregularity or a small cyst filled with fluid, but I would assume they could detect that and tell you what it was. If you do opt for a third US, you could probably show the tech your area of concern, have them repeatedly go over the spot, and either get them to comment on it, or have the radiologist examine that part of the test particularly to see if they can see a cyst or a mass. My US picked up a 2mm tumor hiding at the bottom near the tubes though, so I would hope you could see something that small in yours and identify it.
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          Thank you for the repllies.Today in a couple of hours i have appointment for US.The lump is in the outer most layer of the testicle and goes deeper in it.I guess when 2 US have not caught it the 3rd wont either.So it is probably nothing but still its better to be sure.I think i already have a cyst in both testes from a previous visit to the urologist.So i am probably prone to develop such lumps.


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            I have a very similar type of lump like you're describing, Gogtj. How did your appointment go? Mine is next week.