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Don't think it's TC, but looking for similar experiences of scary symptoms.

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  • Don't think it's TC, but looking for similar experiences of scary symptoms.

    Let me first start by saying, "my heart and head" don't think this is TC, but I'm hopeful that somebody in this forum has experienced a similar scary set of circumstances and could provide me some insight as to what they discovered for their own personal situation.

    Some background, I am 36yoa with 3 children and experience what I believe is average sexual activity with no known urological problems in my life. Approximately 4 years ago, I had a full body CT completed (my employer pays for this once every 5 years for all employees, so I thought what the hell. There have been a handful of employees that discovered cancers in their body with this tool and successfully got treatment.) Anyhow, during that CT, everything was "normal" except for the CT noted "prostate is a little plump for a patient of this age". Great, I went to my PCP and he did some tests and found my PSA was within normal limits and deduced early BPH and to watch it. There are times when I got to go that I feel like I really got to with a quickness, but no other related problems.

    Circle to the current, I had a vasectomy performed last October by a urologist. I had normal recovery pain that subsided within a week and the procedure was successful. I had no further symptoms or issues until February. In February I began to notice pain in my testicles the day after an ejaculation. The pain was about a 5-6 on a 10scale and was more of an ache, but with stabbing pains at times. The funny part was it would switch sides between ejaculations. First, the right testicle with pain for 2-3 days and then subsided. Another ejaculation and the pain would be on the left testicle for 2-3 days then subside. After about a month of this, the pain didn't subside 2-3 days after an ejaculation. Additionally, the pain was worse when I lifted my testicle with my hand and the pain seemed to be traveling up into my pelvis towards the waistline and the abdomen. I went and seen the urologist who performed the vasectomy, wondering if it had been a side effect of the surgery. :shrugs: Note, all the while since being 18 years of age, I've conducted self-exams of my testicles and have never noticed any lumps, changes in size or shape, or anything indicative of a problem with my testicles.

    The urologist performed a urine test and noted nothing. He also felt my testicles and performed my first prostate exam (arghhhh). There was a lot of pressure and I couldn't tell whether it was pain or pressure when he touched the prostate itself. He didn't really note anything of concern during those tests either. He ultimately came to the conclusion of some kind of infection, provided me antibiotics and sent me on my way. I took the month dosage of antibotics, the pain susbsided within a few days and I again had no issues.

    This month, the pain is back again. Not as severe as before and not as long lasting, maybe just 24 hours of ache or so. It's also not switching sides, but stays confined to my left testicle. Again, there is no noticeable bump, lesion, size, or shape change to either of my testicles. I can't imagine an infection has returned. I'm just at a loss. I understand there are no medical doctors on here and I'm not really looking for a diagnosis. Just wondering if any other people who thought they had TC experienced these things and what they discovered, either TC or not and what might be helpful to lead my doctor to some kind of conclusion. Thanks in advance for any replies.

    34yoa Male
    Vasectomy in October 2018
    Re-current testicular pain/ache after ejaculation, deemed infection and treated with antibiotics
    No Lumps, No Bumps, No Lesions
    No Size or Shape Changes
    No Heavyiness
    No change in ejaculate color, amount
    No unexplained weight loss; weight remains steady at 230lbs since 2012.
    No nausea, night sweats or other symptoms sometimes associated with cancers.

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    First thing: getting a CT "just because" is not recommended anywhere I have seen.

    Second: Since the antibiotics appear to have helped the first try, it seems likely they just weren't sufficient to completely knock out the infection. When dealing with an unknown infection,they typically prescribe abroad spectrum antibiotic, which many times does the trick, but not always. I would not be inclined to use the same antibiotic again, but would want my doc to try to figure out what bug I've got & prescribe something a bit more targeted. JMHO.

    Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
    Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP