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Having "scanxiety" over right testicular issue.

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  • Having "scanxiety" over right testicular issue.


    29m here with a severe health anxiety issue. Would just appreciate chatting with some of you all to help me through this process. After some unfortunate delay, I took the step today of requesting a "stat" testicular ultrasound order from my doctor, which was approved and I will be submitting for scheduling tomorrow.

    Over the past month, I've been dealing with symptoms that indicate and all but confirm prostatitis. Symptoms were: Hematospermia (blood in semen), bi-lateral inner thigh pain, perineum pain, penis tip pain. Notably, no testicular pain at this point. My Dr. performed a testicular exam and prostate exam. Testicles were noted to have potential right varicocele. Nothing else noted. DRE left me extremely sore for the rest of the day and enlarged prostate was noted. Transabdominal U/S to check prostate was then performed and results were enlarged prostate (39g vs 20g normal weight) which also demonstrated inflammatory changes.

    We decided to treat this with 10 days doxycycline. By day 7 I had moderate improvement but the hematospermia had not resolved, which prompted referral to urology.

    During a 2-week long wait to see urology, my pain came back, but had mostly shifted from the above pain to right testicular ache that was traveling down my right leg. The hematospermia resolved after 4 occurrences. I began likely over-examining the now achey testicle, obsessively, checking for lumps or other changes. During this time, I noted that it was positioned a bit oddly in the scrotum. It was the opposite of what you would see with torsion, where the top pushed forward. Instead, the top was pulled back a bit, the testicle is elevated, and the bottom is protruding out. It seemed a bit inflamed or enlarged to me as well. I ramped up my self checks, maybe to dozens of times a day trying to feel for any oddities (sigh).

    I saw the urologist and expressed my original prostatitis symptoms, and told him the pain is mostly right-testicular now, he did another testicular exam and DRE. Testicular exam "all normal here", and DRE felt like it wasn't enlarged any longer, but still left me in a day of terrible pain. He put me on 30 days Ciprofloxacin and Celebrex to try and knock out the prostate issue.

    Here's where this gets a bit weird.

    I went home and began paying close attention to the pain and how the testicle felt, and noticed that occasionally, my right testicle is doing this thing where a few times a day it spontaneously becomes lumpy on the bottom, gains "ridge-like" structures and hardens. There's one specific lump on the bottom that seems to appear out of nowhere, but I'm convinced it's always there, it's just "filling up" somehow. There's also a couple vein like objects attached on the left and right side of the testicle that seem to fill up. It goes from what feels very normal, squishy, and round to very abnormal for 10 - 30 minutes until returning to normal. It seems to be triggered partially by changing temperatures/standing position. For example when I exit a warm sitz bath. To be clear, this is not the scrotum hardening, it's the testicle itself. I've looked into varicocele's as my Dr. mentioned, but this seems different (my issue does not at all feel like a "bag of worms")

    I'm on day 7 of the urologists treatment and have had no improvement in pain, so I have to assume this issue is different from the prostate issue, which is why I called them to request the U/S order. I'm hopeful that despite this anatomical oddity being described virtually nowhere else on the internet, there's a simple explanation, and perhaps the pain is from the prostate issue spreading to the epididymis/testis.

    I know I need to go through with that U/S to see what's going on, but I wanted to share this and see if you guys could provide any thoughts/advice. I'm very anxious about this scan, considering I have achey pain, perceived enlargement compared to lefty, odd positioning in the scrotum, and hard ridge-like structures popping up spontaneously throughout the day.
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    Hey there, Iím feeling you - I had pains and swollen remaining testicle which turned out an infection that was treated with antibiotics.

    The pain and discomfort came back periodically, but have since thankfully disappeared (over six months).

    While itís scary (we only have one of them left!), the urologist should know if thereís a problem. Physical exam from a real pro is a pretty big deal! If they are not worried, itís something to celebrate. But getting ultrasound will settle it - hope it goes well for you soon!!
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      Joe, I just wanted to thank you for your reply. I refreshed the thread on my way to my appointment, very anxious, and your reply gave me comfort.

      My ultrasound technician showed me the entire scan and was able to identify a couple of cysts, but no big uglies, thankfully. Iím awaiting the radiologists report to compare with my last U/S.

      Thank you for the support.

      Iíll be bringing up the very strange ďhardeningĒ symptom that is occurring 2-4 times daily to my Urologist. In the mean time, if anyone else is experiencing this, please reach out to me.