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Passive aggressive radiologist doesn't want to explain a simple thing?

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  • Passive aggressive radiologist doesn't want to explain a simple thing?

    Hey guys so, I'm 22m and I've been having this weird tingly feeling/sometimes needle like in my right testicle + pain when ejaculating. So I read up on it and to be quite honest, the closest thing to what I felt was pudendal neuralgia caused by porn addiction and daily masturbation (having to flex hard, really hard to keep it up because of the porn addiction) which I'm guessing irritated the nerves down there. I took a trip to the Urologist who to be quite honest, didn't feel my testicles properly and didn't diagnose me properly. I asked for an ultrasound and got one and my report says I'm all clear however, the report doesn't match the pictures of the ultrasound given to me on the CD for example, "normal vascularity detected on doppler scan" the problem here is, the radiologist didn't even do a doppler scan of my right testicle (as far as I know since the pictures that he gave me in the CD show nothing). I can also swear that I can see these two light circular things on my right testicle ultrasound image but I'm not sure if it's normal. I went back to the radiologist to ask but he got all defensive and offended and wouldn't answer me clearly. All I want is for a radiologist to take a look at it and tell me if it's normal and I'm having major health anxiety over nothing. My country's health sector has scandals almost monthly and I really do not want to be on that list. Thanks! I've added a link to the picture.

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    You could look into getting a second opinion if you have concerns.

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