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I Found A Lump On My Testicle... I'm Only 18.

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  • I Found A Lump On My Testicle... I'm Only 18.

    Hi, I just registered here, looking for some help/advice, I hope I can find something here.

    I am 18, turning 19 in a few months, yesterday afternoon, I found a small lump on my right testicle, I haven't ever felt it there before, yesterday was the first time I noticed it.
    I read online that cancerous lumps, are around the size of a pea, this lump feels more the size of a small zit, the size of a pin prick I guess, maybe a little bigger.
    I cannot talk about it to anyone really, since I don't feel comfortable talking to parents or friends about it, my parents have never told me about this kind of thing, I have had to teach myself/learn from experience.
    I am not a virgin, but haven't had unprotected sex since December last year, and that was with a virgin, so I can't see how I could have any STD's.

    It's starting to worry me, I suffer from anxiety, and I am also a hypochondriac, so now I believe I have cancer
    My GP is a male, I cannot bring myself to let a man touch me around there, if it's for good, or not, I have strong beliefs when it comes to homosexuality, and no man will never go near there for whatever reason, it's sad I know, but it's just me.

    I was wondering if someone on here could help me out with it? I will break it down in a simple paragraph.

    I found a small lump on my right testicle, it's about he size of a spot on your face, a bit bigger than a pin prick I guess, smaller than a grain of rice. It doesn't seem hard, from what I can feel it's pretty soft, same texture as the actual testicle, too small to really feel it properly.
    There's no pain either, I can put pressure on it, and can't feel any abnormal pain, but I can feel a difference when I try "scratch" at it, if you know what I mean.

    I did ask my mum, if there has been a history for cancer in the family, just out of interest I said, and she told me, her parents, parents died of cancer, her grandad died of prostate cancer, and her grandmother died of ovary cancer.

    Thanks in advance, please let me know what it could be, I need to work up the courage to get checked out, and find a female doctor who can do it.

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    Originally posted by Hollowman17 View Post
    Thanks in advance, please let me know what it could be, I need to work up the courage to get checked out, and find a female doctor who can do it.
    To your doctor, your testicles are just more body parts. Trust me, you'll quickly find there's no need for embarrassment, whichever your doctor's gender.
    right inguinal orchiectomy 6/5/2003 > nonseminoma, stage I > surveillance > L-RPLND 6/24/2005 for recurrence, suspected teratoma but found seminoma, stage II > chylous ascites until 9/2005 > surveillance and "all clear" since

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      Hi Hollowman 17
      I would just like to say you should put you embarrassment to one side and tell your parents, or see a doctor as soon as possible.
      Any lump or bump on or around the testicle should be checked out, and as you are worried about it being T/C, it should be sooner rather than later believe me, as I know from experience about the embarrassment of a teenage son with T/C your parents will understand your concern. So please get yourself checked either with your parents or by yourself it will put your mind at rest as there are alot of other things that this could be.

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      Paralised Due to spinal Compression With Sheer determination started to Walk again be it with crutches
      4 X Bep 3X Tip 5 days Radiotherapy. Spread to his brain 8th Feb 07 passed away 15th Feb 07.


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        Please, Please dont wait........ If its not cancer youll feel better, if it is and you wait not only will it not go away on its own, it will get worse. My punishment for waiting was a stage 3a diagnosis - curable but lots of chemo. If its caught early = less chemo and more chance of full cure.

        I think based on your family history, if you tell your parents that you think you have cancer they will stop what they are doing and get you to the DR at once.

        I was also very embaressed at first, but once I saw the professinalism in how they work I now have lost all the embaressment. And if this helps with me they always used those sterile gloves which I found made me feel a lot better about the whole thing.

        My simple advice.
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        CT scan 08/26/08 Show a good response to the VeIP!!
        HD finished on /09.

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          Thanks for the replies again, i am going to book an appointment to be checked by a local GP.

          What is the average size of a cancerous lump though?

          This lump seems smaller than a grain of rice, i guess about 1-2mm's.

          It's nothing big, and sometimes hard to find because of the size, but if you run you're thumb over it, you can notice.

          It is also soft, not hard. Each time i feel it, it seems to have moved, that's what's weird. I think it may be my testicle moving positions though, is that normal?


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            You don't want to hear this, but "average size of a cancerous lump" is a question that no one here can answer. Many people find the lump when it is about the size of a BB or pea, because it is then quite noticeable, but many others find TC because the testicle shrank, got swollen, or became harder overall. Some people don't notice it till their testicle is swollen twice it's normal size, and some people notice the smallest little change and get nervous. I personally could not even feel my lump when standing......neither could my GP or urologist. But due to blood flow reasons, when I was laying down I could feel it inside the testicle. mine was the size of a pea, and inside of the testicle. The size, shape and texture of the lump is very different for all people. The main thing is that if you find something out of the ordinary attached to or inside of a testicle, it needs to be examined pronto.

            An ultrasound is the easiest way to narrow down what is going on. 95% of solid lumps in the testicle are cancerous, and an ultrasound is very accurate in determining if your lump is solid or liquid filled.

            TC is very rare, so I wouldn't be worried. Chances are that you have a completely benign condition, if anything. Get checked out, and let us know what the doc has to say.

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