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Husband's hernia/varicocele

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  • Husband's hernia/varicocele

    I know this is probably been asked before. I'm scared and trying to find out what I can. My husband is a delivery driver who works all day long delivering large packages (heavy lifting, a lot of walking). He had a lump develop near his groin. He assumed it was a hernia. His company sent him to their doctor. The doctor said he has a INGUINAL hernia that is not work related. He says it's because of a varicocele. He told him that the varicocele may be blocked with a tumor that could be cancerous. He is at our family doctor right now? I am confused b/c isn't a inguinal hernia usually related to heavy lifting/straining. I mean classic type of hernia someone in my husband's profession would get. Why would a doctor say anything about a tumor? Is it because he felt something that convinced him that there is a mass in kidneys??? I'm just not sure. I am scared. My husband is 37. He smokes, drinks and is a little overweight. I know all that is bad but he is an awesome dude-totally irrelevant but had to put that in there. We have 3 small children-I'm scared. Any advise would be appreciated!

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    Under the circumstances you describe, it may be worthwhile for your husband to be seen by a urologist. It's good start that he is being seen by your family doctor, but a urologist might be able to provide more insight especially if a urologic cancer is suspected. The symptoms for testicular cancer are described here. Kidney cancer is a bit more difficult to diagnose, hence the need for a professional to take a look at that.
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      I totally agree with Fed that a urologist is the correct specialist to see. An ultrasound would most likely determine whether this is a hernia, variocele, hydrocele, or something else. Just take one step at a time. I recall a body-builder who was on board a while ago. He found a link to an article that weight-lifters occasionaly develop hydroceles if they strain with full bladders, which can apparently force urine the wrong direction down the tubes to the testicles. There are many possibilities that aren't difficult to fix.

      Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Let us know how it goes.
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        Originally posted by carriedd View Post
        He told him that the varicocele may be blocked with a tumor that could be cancerous. He is at our family doctor right now?
        I can't imagine what would bring the workers comp doc to say such a thing. I'm glad that your husband is being seen by the family doc. A urologist consolt is a great idea.

        I have heard of one case where a 36year old man developed a prominent varicose vein AND an inguinal hernia at the same time, and he had a simple out-patient procedure by a vascular surgeon. He is my younger brother, has never had any type of cancer- and is just fine now.

        Best to you and your husband, tell us how it goes.
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        Please see a physician for medical advice!

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