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  • Hi, what do you think?

    Hi I'm a 14 year old English teenager and think I may have TC. I noticed one of my testicles is harder than my other one and when applying equal pressure to both of them the harder one (the right testicle) feels almost painless where as the other will hurt (which I'm guessing is normal). As you may expect, I've Googled symptoms of TC many times and found something called a Hydrocule? Or something along the lines of that... But it's supposed to be liquid or something which forms in the scrotum and when I go to feel my left testicle I can feel it normally, however when I go to feel my right testicle it's a 'challange' of some description because it feels as though my left testicle is sitting in a bag of water, it's really hard to touch the testicle as it feels like there's a barrier around it. Sorry if I didn't explain that clear enough, explaining isn't one of my specialities.

    Also, when I try to feel this testicle I feel a little lump but it's very small, and it feels as though it's 'hanging by a thread' as it seems like the lump can move when I go to touch/push it.

    One thing to note is I play rugby and have probably had a hit to the balls more than one or twice.

    Do you think I've got TC? I've read something like it accounts for only 1% of cancers found in men or something, but is common in 15-36 year olds. Something along those lines...

    I managed to tell my parents today that I have my suspicions and now have a doctors appointment on Monday. What exactly am I to expect as soon as I walk through the doctor's door? I know he's going to examine my scrotum but is the anything else involved?

    Also, do I have to show him my penis? Can I just show him my scotum as if I'm honest and all men will know this. You get errections at the most unwanted times (no I'm not gay) and I'm frightened of getting one when I see the doctor, so is it ok if I just show him my scrotum, nothing else? As the testostrone is really flowing through my body and causing unwanted errections are the times I really do NOT need one and the chances are I'll probably have get an errection in the room.


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    Hey bud seem like you've done your research and your well on your way to figuring this out. Kudos to you also for letting you parents know. That's great and the first priority!

    Now that a doc appointment is in order he will probably feel both testicals and if he suspects anything will refer you for a ultra sound which is the best was to find a testicular tumor.

    Once again awsome to hear you took such responsibilty for your own health.

    Best of luck
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      Hi HiHi2,

      Firstly, congratulations on taking the first steps by telling your parents and organising a doctors visit. That took real courage, so the next step should be a walk in the park.

      I'm afraid the doctor will need to examine your testicles from the front, so this will undoubtedly involve revealing your penis. I know how embarassing this might seem now (I was once a 14 year old boy to!), but it literally takes 10-20 seconds and it is over with. It is something he would have done many times before, so should understand that you might be worried about having a 'reaction'. It's something I was worried about too myself, but my guess is that the mixture of anxiety and wanting it to be over dulls any feelings you might be expecting.

      If he feels anything that he is at all worried about, he should order you an ultrasound of the testicle (Its the same thing that pregnant women have to see the baby in the womb, so it might be worth asking your mum about it - if you feel comfortable doing that). This will be able to tell if there are any solid masses or just fluid in the scrotum.

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to PM me, or post them on the forum, as we are all here to help if we can.

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        Mate Great that you have acted and are off to the doctor.

        Have a good open chat with the doctor and he will undertake an exam. Is there any lump - sounds like there is just a differance in firmness between the two boys.

        errection You should be surprised and it may not occur, if it does the docs are trained for this and you would not be the first,

        If there is a lump you are likely to be scheduled for an Ultra Sound, they should let you prepare for this by using a towel to cover your penis with only the Scrotum exposed so if there is some excitement then it would be under the towel out of sight, but I don't think you will crack one on an exam.

        Check back with any questions.


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