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  • Not too sure

    Hello all, I remember making a thread quite awhile ago, telling how I was worried and was scared of telling someone I had found a lump, I did end up getting an appointment to go to the doctors but all I got was 'come back in a few months' which confused me a lot, he really didn't help me at all, now it has been awhile since I have been and the lump is still there, it is rather large, so I can not really tell if it has gotten bigger or not since the last time I went, my new appointment is on monday morning, I'm not too sure what to expect this time, I will not be leaving the doctors with a 'come back again' answer though, I'm just confused, will I have to go for tests? Will they diagnose is straight away? I don't know anyone who has ever had or is going through testicular cancer so I don't really have anyone to speak to, which is why I am really here, any help is really appreiciated!


    Also, if it did happen to be testicular cancer, what would happen from there? Would they be able to just surgically remove it and be done with it? Or would I have to go through some sort of chemotherapy?
    I'm sorry for all the questions, they probably sound so stupid, but as a 16 year old and not brought up knowing anything about it I'm just confused and scared..
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    Hi tank,

    Firstly, big congratulations in following up with this by going back to your doctor after the first visit. It takes courage to tell someone you think they may be wrong.

    As for what will happen, I'm afraid that they will not be able to give you an immediate diagnosis. Your doctor will firstly examine you to feel the lump for himself. If there is anything that concerns them, they should organise for you to have a set of blood tests done and arrange for you to have an ultrasound. This is the same as your mum has to see the baby when pregnant, and is used to tell if a lump is a tumour or something less worrying. You shouldn't worry about having this done, it doesn't hurt at all, and only lasts a few minutes.

    The question about what type of treatment you will have depends totally on what type of cancer is present, and how advanced it is. By the way, I was 30 when I was diagnosed (now 36), and I asked EXACTLY the same questions you have, so nothing sounds stupid to anyone.
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      If you do have some sort of abnormality the next step would be an ultrasound to see if the "lump" is in the testis or not. If so, usually you end up having surgery to take out the testicle and see what it is.

      Cross one bridge at a time. Get the ultrasound first. The good news is that even in worst case scenario, even the advanced testicular cancers have a 90-95% chance of being cured with proper therapy.

      Good luck!

      Whatever doesn't kill you...
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        My son found a lump this summer (he was 17 at the time) and fortunately, like you, told us right away. Just as the others explained, the doctor ordered an ultrasound upon examination. Based on the ultrasound, they determined there was a tumor and he had to have the testicle removed. He was definitely scared, and anxious about having it removed. Rather than being embarrassed though, he found that his friends and everyone around him were incredibly supportive.

        My son's road has included subsequent surgeries and chemo, but that is definitely not the only road - many others have been fine with just the orchiectomy (depends on the type and stage). Anyway, bottom line, he is doing really well now - away at school and enjoying the life of a college student.
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        CT scan immediately following treatment showed small something on lung; referred to Dr. Einhorn
        Lung/wedge ressection 1/20/12 - pathology: scar tissue!
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          Hi tank,

          Very glad to hear you're not just taking the doctor's word for it. No one knows your body better than you!

          At this point, for both the sake of your health and your peace of mind, I would insist on getting an ultrasound of the testicle. A squeeze test alone is NOT enough so please don't be afraid to push for the ultrasound at least.

          IF they find any abnormality, next steps would be blood work, CT scans of your abdomen and chest, and surgical removal of the testicle. Whether you go on to need chemo, radiation or further surgery depends on many factors but for now, try to take things one step at a time. An ultrasound should be in your immediate future.

          Good luck & keep us posted. We're all here to help you get through this.
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