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To all young people who are worried

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  • Slade
    started a topic To all young people who are worried

    To all young people who are worried

    Sorry if this is either in the wrong spot or what not, I just want to get my thoughts out.

    I may not have had testicular cancer like you brave people but I did go through a torsion and had my right testicle removed. Like many I was distraught and depressed about it afterwards.

    Like many of these men will tell you, there is life after removal. A man should not be defined by if he has two testicles. Once word got out I was ridiculed and few respected me.

    If you ever find yourself in a position to where you are made fun of, you can say that you went through something that not many men will go through.

    That is all.

  • BlueRiver
    I only have one testicle as well. I can say that cancer did not end my life though. The number of testicles you have has nothing to do what what kind of man you can be.

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  • Kiwi
    Buddy, if you get some **** for th,is the guys that give it are not worth listening too. Move on you will be better and stronger than them for going throuigh this "bump" in your life.



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