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I'm I just paranoid?

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  • I'm I just paranoid?

    Hey guys just like to say its great what you are doing well were do I start I don't know why but I began getting paranoid about Tc like 3 months ago and I can't seem to stop checking over my testicles I found a little lump on the top of my lefty like 2 months ago and I had it checked out the doctor said it was nothing to worry about but he will send me for a ultrasound for piece of mind so long story short I went for the ultrasound and all was ok but ever since then I can't stop worrying and checking and since then I have had like a check up every 2 weeks and each time I'm told I'm fine but like 2days after I convince my self something is wrong like at this present time I'm thinking the bottom part of my right testicle feels like it has like a bump over it basically I'm wondering is it possible to have a major problem 2weeks after the doctor saying everything is fine I'm just fed up of going to the doctors like every 2 weeks there starting to think I'm crazy lol anyway it would be nice to see what you guys think thanks.

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    Ultrasounds are a definitive means of diagnosing TC. If the scans come up all clear you are good. Continue to complete self exams monthly and celebrate life man.
    Diagnosed 4/17/08
    Right orchiectomy 4/18/08
    Pure choriocarcinoma; HCG 715,000; lungs, lymphnodes, liver, and random other places
    4X VIP chemo at IU with Dr. Einhorn 4/25/08-7/4/08
    HCG down to 7.2 10/28/08
    HCG back up to 198 12/29/08
    1 X PVB 1/2/09-1/6/09
    2 X HDC w/ stem cell rescue 2/4/09-3/14/09
    Follow-up with Dr. Einhorn 4/22/09
    HCG 1.2
    3 rounds, 21 days, twice daily, VP-16 50mg 4/24/09-7/10/09


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      Thanks for the reply mate and Ye I guess I was just thinking the worst a month on from the scan but Ye I just need to chill out and enjoy life, hope all is good with you man and thanks again.