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Felt @ 12, Am now 17.

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  • Felt @ 12, Am now 17.

    My name is Vinnie, short for Vincenzo. Currently 17 years old. Residing in Maryland, grew up in South Jersey, lived in Philadelphia.

    Age 11:
    my mother had left an abusive marriage, was just me and her in a motel for 3-4 months.
    Right after I turned 12, i noticed a pea sized thing on my left testicle. I called my mom in right away.
    About 12.5-13.5 we were in Maryland, went to see a doctor, the doctor had done a physical exam. I believe his words were: "Nothing to worry about"
    Well how can you JUST say that from feeling it. (That so much irritates me now that I am older. What if it is serious, I'll hunt you down.)
    at 15.5 I moved in with my father, he didn't have legal custody over me. But he still got me to the doctors, 2 main reasons, My testicle. Driving Permit physical. (something like that). I got a prescription written out for an ultrasound. My dad said he'd try to get it done within 2 weeks. since we don't have insurance and they cost a lot. never had it done.
    Am now 17.5. Just got back into my testicle again, worrying more than ever. I still have that pea sized thing there. Also near the pea sized thing. There are a few bumps on my testicle, feeling like beads. I had my mom apply for insurance, she had gotten approved and called me crying that she got approved. (good way obviously) Our cards have come in, believe we are picking them up tomorrow.

    I am sure if i really did have cancer, would be more serious of a matter, and I would have known 100%. (growth?) It's been 5-6 years of finding this thing. I don't know though. But regardless, I am still not at ease, I am so scared. You people know how i feel, it's pretty hard to explain.

    I have horrible migraines. I have been getting these since i was 4-6 though. I get them somewhat frequently, yet, they are incredible.
    I come once a day, whether it be by sex or my hand.

    I am here for advice, what next steps, others stories, & experiences. Hopefully a little mind ease.

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    There are others on this board that can answer your questions much better than I can. All I can say is that the worry and anxiety is much worse than seeing a doctor and getting the facts. While others can answer better as to what it means that the doctor felt it was nothing to worry about just by feel, I would just like to urge you to make another appointment and put your mind at ease. Sounds like you're probably overdue for a check-up anyways. You will feel so much better once you do. Please keep us posted.
    a mom

    Son, age 25
    2/28/12 Right I/O
    Stage 1 nonseminoma
    Embryonal carcinoma - 60%
    yolk sac tumor - 30%
    focal seminoma - 10%
    CT scan clear
    AFP - 22
    4/9/12 BEP x 3


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      I agree you should see a doc about your testicle *and* migraines. It's probably not cancer after all this time with no change, but always best ot have a doc decide that, preferably with an US.

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      Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
      Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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        PriorityPartners, 1 1/2 months to appointment.

        Everyone have a terrific Christmas & New Year!! Wish you the best! :


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          Have you checked out the self exam page? there is a good vid here.

          As you have questions you should have a chat with a doctor and see whats going on.


          TC1: May 2001 / Right orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / Radiation
          TC2: July 2008 / Left orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / X2 Prostheses / Reandron (long term Testosterone injections)


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            Saw my doctor 2 weeks ago. She tested it, made a judgement saying it is possible to be a (epididymal) (epidermal?) cyst. She gave me a order for an ultrasound, had it yesterday, but yesterday 4am, i had major major lower abdominal pains, called my doctor, they had me go to a urgent care place, (more than a doctor office) (less than a hospital) doctor at urgent care said i had appendicitis. Rushed to the hospital, ended up having my appendix removed.

            I had a UTI 10 days ago, went to hospital for it 9 days ago, when my prescription was up, i got appendicitis.

            Got ultrasound rescheduled for this coming up thursday.


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              Originally posted by Vinnie View Post
              Got ultrasound rescheduled for this coming up thursday.
              Hey Vinnie,

              how did the ultrasound come out ?

              Everything ok again with u ?

              I'm here to give and get information about TC any registered member may contact me private here or on skype

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              Stage I - Non-seminoma - Orchiectomy - Observation

              2nd diagnosis : Feb. 18th 2013 - Right side
              Stage I - Non-seminoma - Orchiectomy - Observation

              3rd diagnosis : Dec. 22nd 2013 - Relapse lymf node near right kidney 29mm tumor
              Getting 4x EP at this very moment


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                Originally posted by Kiwi View Post
                Have you checked out the self exam page? there is a good vid here.
                now only if My doctor looked like that -
                11/08/2012 - bHCG: 21 LD: 748 AFP: 1.6
                11/12/2012 - CT Scan: No enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen or pelvis (lymph is < .9cm)
                11/13/2012 - Left Radical Orchiectomy 90% Embryonal Carcinoma & 10% Seminoma.
                11/21/2012 - bHCG: <3 LD 627 AFP: 2.5
                01/09/2013 - CT Scan: Suspect Lymph Node is now 1.6 cm
                01/23/2013 - RPLND - 32 lymph nodes removed, 1 confirmed. 8 hour
                02/15/2013 - bHCG: 517 LD: 569 AFP: 3.7 - nodules and lymph enlargement in lungs
                02/22/2013 - bHCG: 522 LD: 550 AFP: 7.2
                03/29/2013 - Round one of BEP done.. X-Ray shows no nodules in lungs.