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I'm a bit worried, but I think this is normal

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  • I'm a bit worried, but I think this is normal


    I am 14 years old. recently I did a self exam. I found nothing on the testicles (no hard lump or anything like that). My testicles were sensitive though, but I think that is normal.

    However, at the top of the left one, I found a squishy thing. This was hard to find and I can't always find it. It doesn't hurt (though very sensitive when pressed hard). I think it's the epididymis, as it was only at the top. My left testicle has always been a bit bigger. I compared it with the right one, and the squishy thing was on the right one as well, just not nearly as big. I experience really no pain down there, (apart from maybe some growing pains, but I am still going through puberty). The only time I can think that there is a bit of an ache, is after a self examination.

    Thanks for the help and I look forward to talking to you guys.

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    Also there is no family history of cancers or anything, and no known risk factors.


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      Ok after some more investigation, I figured out it is not cancer.

      1) From the diagrams, the lump is shown on the side or bottomish area.
      2) Cancer is a hard lump

      So I probably have a cyst on the epididymis, but I might go see a doctor. What are your guys' thoughts?


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        Worriedsick18, you shouldn't be worried sick! You are very young, and the chances of you having testicular cancer, although not unheard of, are very rare. I want to applaud you for being assertive and self-motivated enough to come on these forums and share your story at such a young age. I think it's really important that you prioritise your health in life, and it seems to me that you are doing that very well! To put your mind at ease I recommend going to a generalist and having him refer you for an Ultrasound. You'll be able to determine what you have, if anything at all! I suggest you stop self-diagnosing as that will only make you more nervous and uneasy. Testicular cancer tumors tend to be attached to the testicle and are hard. I was not able to move mine around.

        Best of luck! And definitely let us know what happens.


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          Hello MAMC,

          Thanks very much for the reply I am almost certain that is not cancer, after doing more investigation it is probably just the epididymis.

          I will try to make a doctor's appointment anyways, because I guess it could be another problem (though not as severe, maybe just epididymitis).



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            I agree with MAMC. You are very mature and intelligent for a 14 year old. Keep it up kid. I also agree that the symptoms you describe do not sound like testicular cancer. I would ask your primary doctor about it at your next visit. Please don't spend too much time stressing about it and searching the internet. Finally, make sure you talk to your parents or another adult.


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              I will. It will be a bit of a challenge though... How should I best go about starting that conversation up?!


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                Just tell them you herd guys should check themselves once a month & when you did you found something you were unsure about. Pretty much what you said in here.

                By the way, stop checking more than once a month. Over checking *CAN* make this tender down there.

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                  Thanks. I am not worried anymore. They are really tender.

                  One other thing, is it normal for the left to hang a few centimeters higher than the right?


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                    It is entirely normal for one side to be lower. We are designed that way so when our leg close, one will ride up & the other down so we don't crush them between our legs.

                    Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
                    Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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                      Great, thanks for the reply.

                      I will get to the doctor, but I have a couple other questions.

                      1)I have the occasional dull ache down there, mostly on my left side, but sometimes on the right. It's not really painful, just more annoying. Could it be epididymitis? If so, is that treatable, (or does it even ned treatment?)
                      2) I am a bit worried about partial torsion. Would I know if I had a partial torsion? I presume the pain would be very bad.



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                        Or a variocele? I can feel it on the top of the left. The left epydidmis does look a little more spongy than the right. It only aches sometimes and not too much, it is just a bit annoying. My testicles hang at different heights at different times, sometimes the left is higher, sometimes they are equal. Weird.

                        My questions are, does it seem to be:

                        -Partial torsion
                        - Epididymitis

                        Thanks again


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                          Honestly if you're concerned, just go to the doctor. At the very least it will give you peace of mind and you can ask the doctor all the questions you have. Us men need to be more vigilant about our health especially testicular health.


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                            I would go see a doctor and get an ultrasound. It's perfectly normal for people to get checked