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  • help please - lump

    well i've found a lump on my left testicle. its on the top and its hard, i can't move it though i can move the skin around it. i think it might be getting bigger. i've been feeling a slight ache down there and a few months ago occasionally my scotum would hurt quite badly for a little while, usually after urinating. this only happened about 3 times and it only lasted a little while. it was more like a cramp.
    im feeling really scared and am about to tell my dad this afternoon, although im feeling very nervous about telling someone even though i know I can talk to my dad reliably. is there any way to make talking to him easier?? and does this sound like TC? thankyou so much for being there to confide in it feels good to tell someone and i will tell my dad this afternoon.

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    Sorry you have to deal with the distress and aches. One way to start an uncomfortable conversation with parents is to tell them that you were doing a testicular self-exam like you learned about in Health class, and you've had a little discomfort. Women have been more open about breast exams for a long time, but guys tend to lag behind anything medical. I'm sure your parents would understand and set up a doctors appointment. If you were my son, we would be there this morning.

    I really hope this is a minor, easily fixed problem. But don't delay.

    Best wishes.
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      HI Jupz...I hope you were able to talk to your Dad about this and that you have made an appointment to see your doctor. A simple ultrasound and bloodwork can help with a determination. Good luck!
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        Hey bud,
        Definitely talk to your parents about it as this isn't something you should have to deal with alone. Also try to get in to see the doctor asap its hard to tell what it could be without bloodwork and an ultrasounds. But if it does end up being less then favorable the sooner you get it taken care of the better.

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          Hey Jupz,

          Any update bro??


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