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iv'e had a lumpin my testicles for 2 years or more im 17 but 2 embarressed 2 say

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  • iv'e had a lumpin my testicles for 2 years or more im 17 but 2 embarressed 2 say

    i have a lump but am2 affraid 2 say i have had a lump in my left teticle for at least 2 years i have been to embaresed 2 sy 2 my parents or infacft a doctor. i have an appointment for my shoulder tommorow and i am wondering if i should work up the courage 2 ask ? i went to the doctor about back pain 4 months ago always had a sore back especially when bending but still could not sayaboutthe lump this leads me more to think its posibly serious and indeed i can sometimes feel my testicle being uncomfortable. have i left this too late ?

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    That's great that you have an appointment already scheduled. Absolutely, mention your concern and have the doctor check it out. Imagine we're all there in the waiting room to help make sure you do!
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      The awkwardness of the conversation is second to your health. My son was in a similar situation and never said anything about the lump he found. Later he had severe back pain and it was a side affect of his testicular cancer. Early detections is always the best case scenario. You may not have TC. But it's better to take control of your health instead of worry about what might be.

      You can do this!!! We're all here for you. Please tell your parents. As a parent I know they would want to know.

      I'll keep you in my prayers.

      ~Mary Ann
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        Understand at 17 this could be a hard subject, but yes you do need to ask the doctor about it. Try not worry about being embarrased, remember that the doc will undertake a testicular exam fairly ofen for a number of reasons. Please tell the doc that you have a lump and check back to let us know how it went. Hey we have all been there so you are not alone.


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          I understand your embarrassment but for for your own piece of mind mention this lump to your doctor, also tell your parents as they would want you to be able to talk to them about. My son never told me he had a lump and was diagnosed as Terminal aged 17.
          Early detection is always best, it may be you do not have T/C it could be a number of things the sooner you get it checked the better and you can get on with your life.

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