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Epididymis issue

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  • Epididymis issue

    ok so i have this issue heres the story
    8th grade was kneed in the area alot and then a feww years later i had my sack get all tight n my dad took my to the hospital about it and what not heres the problem i noticed on the left side it has no EPIDIDYMIS but it is only on the right what does this mean like am i not able to get turned on quickly enough or somthing
    please email me at

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    epididymis not connected to left nut

    hello i have been freaking out cant go to the hospital cuz my parents are not home but i wanted to ask wut if the *epididymis** is not connected to the left nut

    heres a lil story short
    8th grade got kneed there alot and awhile after that maybe 1 or 2 years ago my ball region had hurt and it got so tight my dad took me to the hospital and i am wondering if this epididymis thing could have came off of the left one because i can feel it on the right one but i cant on the left one and i am seriously worried about this if anyone can reply
    please email me about this
    i am leaving for a few n coming back n dont think i could find this link and my qustion if somone can email me whats going on then please itll help me alot


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      I'm afraid I don't know how to answer that question. Any more information about your hospital visit back in eighth grade? It may be that everything is completely normal, but I think you'll want to talk to your doctor.
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