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12 year old with testicular cancer?

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  • 12 year old with testicular cancer?

    Hello, I apologize for any spelling mistakes or anything else, I'm actually on my iPod right now.

    Anyway, I'm twelve years old and my left testicle seems to have something large on the left of it and it's bumpy and at least double the size of the normal testicle. I told my parents two days after I first found it (I searched it up after I found out that my friend had it and decided to do a check) and they suspect it's not testicular cancer, although I would like to play it safe.

    It's now around two weeks since I first found it and I will be going to the doctors tomorrow morning. To be honest, i've only gotten small pains from it once and it's actually only itchy most of the time, but I'm told that's because I'm aware of it being there.

    I'm curious what I should be checking for, as information is small on this topic of how to find out if you do have it. If it's not testicular cancer what else could it possibly be?

    Please help me out! I'm really nervous and I can't stop thinking about it! Tell me if you need more information please!
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    It could be a few things but you have nade for best decision to go and see the Doctor. Be open with the doc, they will want to do an exame and it's lily that they will send you for an Ultra Sound exam - if that happens let the team know - the ultra sound os nothing major.

    Check back after the doctors.


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      Better safe than sorry. It could be something completely benign, like a hydrocele. But there's no way to know that unless you get it checked. I talked myself out of having cancer at least four times before I went to the doctor; unfortunately, I didn't talk the cancer out of existing.

      If it's nothing, great! And it probably is. But if it is TC, better to know than not. And the good news is that if it is, as long as it's treated it's very curable.

      Good luck, and let us know!

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        RadarBoy, I suspect it's your epididymis or a varicocele. Let us know what you hear from the doctor today.
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          I'll be leaving in about an hour, what should I expect to go on during the talk with my doctor? And also what time-frame do I have If I actuallly have testicular cancer until it might spread and/or become untreatable?

          Edit: just got back from the doctors and he tells me that it is just granuloma and it has a 50% chance of dissolving and it won't affect me at all, I have to admit, living with a giant testicle might be a bit strange in the future..

          Thanks for all your help
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            Great news .
            Thanks for letting us know.
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