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  • Life Insurance Questions


    I was just told that I would not qualify for life insurance if I applied as a result of my recent bout with TC. They did say I might qualify 10 years down the road if I stay all clear.

    I'm not too upset to be honest with you but I'd like to get some addtional life insurance for the wife if possible.

    Has anyone had any luck with finding life insurance even if the rates are a little high?

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    12/27/2007 - Pathology "all clear."
    12/27/2007 - Surveillance.

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    I was told the same thing about waiting 10 years. I waited 15 years before applying and was still turned down. I hope you have better luck. If anyone has any info on this I would like to hear it as well.
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      I have group life through my job. I don't know if you have this option. Employers might let you continue coverage into retirement at an increased cost; I will be able to do this. I've never tried to get anyother type of policy, but I suspect I'd be denied as well.
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        late to report on this but I will get the life insurance guide on this, it all depends on how bad you had it. I will get the guide and cut and paste it.

        Found the rating you can get it first year. I thought it was 2 year wait for all minium, memory problems as I get older .
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          One member here was offered life right after completing BEP for non-sem. He was stage 1B. The premium was a bit high the first year and would drop to normal after 2 years of all clears. Another friend of mine is in the business and he wrote a contract for a 2.5 yr seminoma survivor at regular premiums just around the time I was diagnosed.

          Anyone looking into the possibility of getting life insurance outside of work/group insurance, should most likely deal with an experienced independent broker. They will do all the leg work for you at all the major companies and then the smaller ones... much easier and probably cost you less.


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            OK my cut and paste didn't really work need to move A B C D E F G over to where the "P" starts.

            To tell what this means as example 7 X 4 would be $7.00 extra premium for every $1000 in coverage and would fall off in 4 years. That would be like 0-1 years class F

            Testicular Cancer:
            (Germ Cell Tumor Testicular, Seminoma)
            Germ cell tumor of the testis, which makes up nearly all of the testicular malignancies, is a disease primarily affecting young adults. A history of cryptorchidism is the only known significant risk factor. These malignancies are divided into two groups: the seminomas and the non-seminomas. The seminomas are very sensitive to radiation therapy, and are associated with high cure rates, even in the presence of lymph node metastasis. Prognosis for non-seminomas is not as favorable. However, they often respond well to chemotherapy. This latter group consists of teratocarcinomas, malignant teratomas, choriocarcinomas, and embryonal cell carcinomas. Biologic tumor markers are often elevated in cases involving non-seminomas. Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is particularly common in embryonal cell carcinoma, and Beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (B-hCG) in choriocarcinoma. The pure seminomas, in contrast, never secrete AFP and only rarely B-hCG. Mixed tumors (seminoma/non-seminoma) behave like non-seminomas. Staging is critical to the proper selection of risk.

            Stage I Tumor is confined to the testis. May be referenced as Stage A disease.
            Stage II Metastasis to 6 or less retroperitoneal nodes, no bulky metastasis. May be referenced as Stage B1 disease.
            Stage III More than 6 retroperitoneal nodes positive, or with bulky metastasis. May be referenced as Stage B2 or Stage B3 disease, respectively.
            Stage IV Distant metastasis (lymph nodes positive above the diaphragm, or liver/lung involvement.) May be referenced as Stage C disease.

            Note: Rate mixed tumors as non-seminomas
            Seminoma Non-Seminoma
            Stage I Class G
            Stage I Class E

            Stage II Class E
            Stage II Class D

            Stage III Class D
            Stage III Class B

            Stage IV Class A
            Stage IV Class A

            Stage I and II Rate as Class C from date of recurrence

            Stage III Rate as Class A from date of recurrence

            Stage IV Decline
            Stages I and II Rate as Class A from date of recurrence
            Stages III and IV Decline

            Tumor Rating Class A:

            Note: Rates are for tumors where there has been only a single occurrence, definitive treatment has been completed, and there is no evidence of metastasis or regional node involvement (except in certain specified cases).

            Note: Indications of vascular invasion on the pathology report that are not specifically addressed within the guidelines should be referred to the Medical Director.
            Note: Mixed Tumors - When more than one tissue type is present at the same tumor site, usually rate for the type requiring the higher underwriting classification and rating.

            No WP if rated. ADB 1x to $5.00, 2x if $7.00.

            Tumor Rate by Underwriting Class
            Yrs since treatment completed
            A B C D E F G
            0 - 1 P P P P P 7X4 5X3
            1 - 2 P P P P 7X4 7X3 5X2
            2 - 3 P P P 10X5 7X3 7X2 5X1
            3 - 4 P 15X5 10X5 10X4 7X2 7X1
            4 - 5 P 15X4 10X4 10X3 7X1
            5 - 6 15X5 15X3 10X3 10X2
            6 - 7 15X4 15X2 10X2 10X1
            7 - 8 15X3 15X1 10X1
            8 - 9 15X2
            9 - 10 15X1

            Recurrent Tumors
            Classes A, B, C * Refer MD, Usually decline
            Other Classes Individualize, Usually next higher class
            * With the exception of Bladder Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, and Testicular Cancer.Declinations or metastatic tumors (except as noted in the specific tumor write-ups) may only be considered on an individual basis 10 years after treatment, provided there was no suggestion of recurrent malignancy on clinical follow up during this period. Full details of the cancer history, including pathology and complete current evidence, will be necessary.
            Refer MD, Minimum +50 to Decline
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            5-1-2006 Right IO - Stage 1 Nonseminoma Embryonal and Yolk sac - Surveillance Baby on the way Born 7-20-07