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  • Not surprising

    It does not surprise me that notice has been sent of warning to cancel Russell's health insurance. Interesting. Russell turned 25 so premiums went up. Somehow they used this to alter his payments for the premium!!??!! His dad pays the premium. Interesting that the monthly electronic payments were not recognized and the documentation had some discrepencies with dates. As well, they will no longer (after years of this arrangement) communicate with his dad unless Russell returns auth for communication to his father. Had his dad been out of town, or if we met with difficulties meeting the requests,the dates would be missed and the insurance would be dropped. It is difficult for me to see how people who are not feeling well, our elderly, our capable but not yet knowledgable youth are getting through this. Guess in reality many are not!

    Most importantly...tumor markers are normal!!!!!!!!!!!!! Livestrong, Sharon
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    Originally posted by Russell's Mom View Post
    Most importantly...tumor markers are normal!!!!!!!!!!!!! Livestrong, Sharon
    Great News indeed!
    Sharon, sorry about the insurance issues.
    Stage III. Embryonal Carcinoma, Mature Teratoma, Choriocarcinoma.
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    Please see a physician for medical advice!

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      Oh Sharon, don't get me started on the injustices and waste in the medical payments system in our country. I'm so glad for the wonderful news on his tumor markers. I'm smiling as I type this.
      TC1: 1996, right orchiectomy, seminoma stage I 3.5 cm mass, radiation therapy (peri-aortic & pelvic 27.3 Gy)
      TC2: 2008, left orchiectomy, seminoma stage IA 5 cm mass, left & right prostheses, AndroGel TRT, surveillance at MSKCC


      • #4 is crazy!!! I see it all day everyday. People are not aware of the gears that are turning behind the scene. Hopefully new energy will help get the train back on the track. I stay caught up in the tangles, choice I guess. See too much, too many people not getting the care that they need.

        As well....yesterday we drove to Sacramento. Russell will be moving and going to school. He will do another show in San Francisco tonight....drumming up the warrior energy!!! Balancing out the dismal.........he is doing great, running, drumming, school, eating healthy....motivating me!!! Livestrong, Sharon
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          YAY!!!! I am so glad Russel is doing well and moving forward. I think as a caregiver it may takes us a little longer to move forward. Fighting with insurance companies doesn't help in that move.

          Happy hugs to you momma,

          Mary Ann
          CaregiverSon Josh 23yr Dx 3/5/08 IIIC NonSeminoma affected lung, kidney liver back & tumor/clots in vena cava & celiac artery 3/7/08 L I/O 3/30/08 PostOp surgery 4XEP (VP16 & Cisplatin) 3/12-5/25 LDH > 5000 & AFP 145 (3/5 pre-op) LDH 563 & AFP 4 (5/26 after 4Xchemo) off blood thinners 3/18/09 Surveillance per Dr E 8/4/08 *1/2012 ALL CLEAR!

          Self 1/29/09 dx thyroid cancer metastasized to right lung 2/10 thyroid removd 4/17 rx RA131 5/11/10 &7/16/10. 1/12survellience