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  • FMLA questions

    Hey All -

    New to this forum. Just had R testicle removed, and should be starting chemo around the first week of September, once the surgery is all healed up. I believe I have nonseminoma type, but I couldn't really tell you what that means. I know the cancer has spread into my lymph, but not far. Am having another CT Scan and and MRI done this coming week to check things out in the lungs and the brain.

    Anyway. It's funny that with all this going on, my main concern is financial.

    I have been employed just under a year at my current job, therefore am just shy of being eligible for FMLA leave of 12 weeks. Currently, I'm taking non-FMLA leave (I get six weeks of that) for the surgery and recovery, which should use up about 2 of the 6 weeks there.

    My question is about temporary disability insurance. My oncologist mentioned applying for this, and I understand it may or may not be available to me, depending on whether or not my employer offers it? Is that correct?

    I guess what would be helpful is to hear any experiences people have had with going on ST disability and with employers. I have a very stressful, active job, in a nursing home, and can't see myself returning to work during the chemo. I think it'd put too much stress on an immune system that's going to be compromised with the chemo anyway.

    Hope some of this made head is spinning a bit this morning.


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    It always makes me sad when someone battling cancer has to worry about their job and money on top of everything else.

    I cant offer much other than Les was to sick to work period. BUT his cancer was very advanced. Maybe when you get the path report you will have a better idea. If you caught it early maybe there will be no chemo. But if it has spread to the lymph systems you will probably get chemo.

    Les applied and was approved for Social Security Disability. They said that the rules were 1. the treatment was going to take a least a year or 2. you have less than 6 months to live. Remember Les' was very very advanced.

    Is it possible that you do something else at your job that will help protect your immune system? Are you by chance covered on your parents insurance? Les was covered on my cancer policy because he wasnt married and was under 25.

    I wish you well and keep us posted.

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      Sorry you have to go through this. Hopefully the rest of the tests will have some better news.

      I presume from your question that you live in the US. Let us know where and hopefully one of us will be familiar with the specifics. About a half dozen states have TDI, which typically pay even if receive pay or STD. Have you been paying into TDI thru payroll? Some states mandate STD coverage, and if you've been paying into it you should benefit. FML typically is unpaid but should protect your job. Someone in your employer's HR department should be able to help. Another good source of advice is the patient business office since they usually know all the sources that can be tapped to pay bills.

      Good luck with everything. We know what you are going through.
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        FMLA is just a protection not payment.

        Short term disability or long term with your employer depends on the coverage and waiting periods and it goes on and on. Short term = sick time most of the time and long term could mean that you have to off a certain amount of time before it starts and if you go on it you may not be employed after that date. In short all plans are different and the best thing to do is talk to your HR dept and see what coverage you have. I can only speak from what I handle claims on with our company.

        Good Luck
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