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  • Supporting (UPDATE: Jan 14, 2014) Scroll to bottom...

    Hello all - as if things aren't tight enough for me with my recent job downsizing/change, I was involved in a very serious Motor Vehicle Accident two weeks ago today. So here I sit, unable to work until Jan 31t (minimum) with a fractured facet on my C4 neck vertebrae, several bulging disks, a head injury with staples (which were removed yesterday and has healed nicely), and a shoulder injury that is still being diagnosed as I cannot raise it past 90 degrees and might need surgery. My car was totaled beyond recognition, I was T-boned by a newer Corvette that decided to run the light as I was making a left into my community. I didn't see him until it was too late. He was going so fast that upon impact, he hit wipe out the entire passenger side (thankfully no passengers with me!!) then spun me around, launched his car in the air, landed on my hood and rolled down. They say I am lucky to be alive. My friends and family say I am using a lot of my "9 lives" up between cancer x2 and now this crash.

    MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN SO KIND TO SEND DONATIONS. IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU SEND, I JUST NEED TO PAY FOR THE SERVER EACH MONTH. After Google Ad's this month I am left with $210 in fees. I never mind covering some - I always have/do. But if we can get a total sponsor (details in my post about monthly dedication and support of the website community) or if we can gather some donations to get me close. I hate begging, but the next 3 months or so will be really hard so finance it at all. After that, we should be good to go once my normal income continues.


    I posted a pic of me and the accident - you all are like family so I don't mind sharing. Thank you in advance for all of your love and most of all, support!!

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi James, (and everybody else),

    First things first. If you're looking to donate something, anything, you can find a link on the main page as the link James left above does not work for me. There is a donation link in the bottom right.

    Second, which should be first, JAMES!!!! STAY ALIVE! GET WELL! THANKS... for all your hard work and contributions.

    I am "fortunate" enough to have to local guys who have become friends through this crazy illness. I met one of them on this forum prior to having chemo at the same time. This place is great guys. Lots of info. Lots of friends. Wish we weren't here but we are so let's help keep things going.

    Thanks James, (and everybody else).

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      Well said Greg and a HUGE thank you to you and Dennis for the donations. Like Greg said, on the homepage of is a permanent Paypal setup for donations - please use that link if you have any troubles with the one in the forums. Greg - I will be contacting you privately to discuss something. And thanks again two you and Dennis for reaching in your pockets to help our community! We can ALWAYS use donations, but especially until I get on my feet (Dr. put me out of work until Jan 31st and my car insurance will only pay 60% of my salary -- OUCH!) I will need as much help as I can get. No guilt trips here, there are many people that are tight financially themselves, and to those, please do not feel obligated or bad that you cannot help - because remember, just being a member, an active member of our community, you are helping others that have had or actively are being treated for something we all have in common.

      Again, any donation helps. $25, $50 or even $5 - whatever you can afford. And our program where you sponsor the site for the month (and we are keeping a public (unless not wanted) record of who sponsored and for what month - but this program is a $200 donation. That covers ALL fees for the website, hosting, etc. each month. We had a "taker" for September. Nobody for October. And one for November. December is open!!

      My best to all, and thank you for all of the kinds words via email and PM's. My email for those of you who dont have it is and I really appreciate the words of encouragement I have been getting. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
      Stage IIIa Seminoma
      4x BEP Completed 2/14/05


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        Those photos and your description of the accident are chilling, James. I'm relieved you made it out alive as those pictures are harrowing. I'll be glad to contribute. Just please take things slowly as you get on the mend. Heal well!

        TC1: 1996, right orchiectomy, seminoma stage I 3.5 cm mass, radiation therapy (peri-aortic & pelvic 27.3 Gy)
        TC2: 2008, left orchiectomy, seminoma stage IA 5 cm mass, left & right prostheses, AndroGel TRT, surveillance at MSKCC


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          A Big THANKS !!

          Hi James,

          Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for this site. It helped me get through the most dreadful time in my life, when my 16 year old son was diagnosed with TC almost 2 years ago. Honestly, without the information and support I found here, it would have been a much worse ordeal than it already was. Thankfully, Austin just had his 16 month post chemo check up and CT scans and everything is still normal.

          So.......I have tried to do my part to give back in comforting or giving advice to the new people who find this forum, but I also wanted to contribute financially to help keep it alive. I went to the donation site and used Paypal as Greg suggested, so hopefully it will go through.

          Meanwhile, I hope you continue to heal and feel better every day. Those pictures made me cringe, and it does sound like you are fortunate to still be alive.

          Wishing you the best,
          Cook/Maid/Chauffeur/ATM Machine/Personal Asst. to Austin

          12/07/11 I/O AFP: 291 hCG: 151
          12/08/11 CT Scan, Xrays - clear
          12/15/11 Non Seminoma Stage1-B
          EC, Teratoma, Yolk Sac, Intratubular
          4/21/12 Relapse- Start 3XBEP
          6/25/12 Finished BEP
          7/02/12 Markers and CT Scan normal
          10/3/12 3 month post-chemo check-up - All Clear!
          2/28/13 8 month post-chemo check-up - All Clear!
          6/30/13 ONE YEAR- ALL CLEAR!!
          2/14/14 20 month post-chemo check-up - All Clear!


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            I wish i had some funds to send your way, but I'm struggling to pay our medical bills right now & have to put every dime into that ....
            Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
            Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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              James this is Mike T. Aka MT0821

              First off my prayers goes out to you and your family wishing you the best recovery. I'll be more then happy to contribute to the forum might not be a lot but any $ helps. Stay up and feel better.....


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                Donation made in honor of Dr. Einhorn

                I want to say thank you to all of you who maintain this site, it has been a tremendous help to me in dealing with my son's cancer. I donated $210 to pay for a month in honor of Dr. Einhorn, a truly amazing doctor, responding to e-mails from complete strangers in a matter of hours.

                Are donations to this site tax deductible (meeting 501(C)3 requirements?) If so, I would post that information to your home page where you have your donations link, I couldn't find that information. In any case, thanks to all of you who spend so much time helping others with your responses, and best wishes to James for a speedy recovery. I hope all that you do for others comes back to you.


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                  A huge thanks to Janine for your donation to the site. You are the official sponsor of for the month, and per your request, it is made in Dr. Einhorn's name. I agree with you, he is a truly amazing Doctor and the world leader in Testicular Cancer. I was personally treated for my TC here in Florida (in Orlando when I lived there) and all of the Dr's in Orlando were ready to preform a RPLND on me after my Chemo due to a little piece of "artifact" showing not he scans. Before letting them cut me open from stem to stern, I booked a flight to Indiana and had a appointment with Dr. Einhorn. Needless to say, that was the best possible second opinion I got. He said "NO WAY, WATCH IT, IF IT GROWS, WE WILL CONSIDER IT, BUT IT WILL PROBABLY DISAPPEAR AFTER A FEW MONTHS." Sure enough, within 2 months, the small artifact was completely gone on all MRIs and CT-Scans. He saved me a huge surgery and for that, I agree, even if you cannot be treated by him due to distance, finances, whatever - that if a major decision has to be made, somehow, get to Dr. Einhorn for a second opinion.

                  THANK YOU AGAIN JANINE FOR OUR SUPPORT OF TC-CANCER.COM. I am working on updating the official "dedication" page which will be on the main site (rather than buried into the forums) and a big thanks to several others who have made donations to our website and allowed up to keep things running. It takes us all to make this work, as a community, without YOU ALL, it would just be a website.

                  If anyone is interested in making a donation please follow the link below. Any amount helps! And and donation of $200 makes you the official sponsor of for a month - where you can dedicate it to a loved one dealing with cancer, in memory of a loved one that had cancer, or as Janine decided to do, dedicate it to the man who has done so much for all us of, whether directly or indirectly.

                  Stage IIIa Seminoma
                  4x BEP Completed 2/14/05


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                    Hello all - with the holidays approaching and dealing with my fractured neck from my auto accident, and stressing to no end about not being able to return to work, I nearly forgot to ask for donors for the next month for I have $70 left from a few donations last month, but I need $130 (approx) to pay the server bill which is due now. If anyone can jump in and sponsor the website for the month, we only need $130 (not the full $200) again, due to some donations last month which were very generous and gave us extra funds.

                    Please visit the PayPal link on the homepage if you can help. Tentatively I might be released to work in Feb but my CT-Scan of my neck didn't look very different from the day of the accident other than bone starting to generate, but nothing filled in yet. Still only attached by a very small piece of the "facet". Since the pain went WAY WAY down, I got lax on my C-Collar use - so I in turn delayed my healing. Now, I got this collar strapped on so tight nothing is moving anywhere because I want to return to normal work, life, etc.

                    Thanks to all who have written me personally too - I do appreciate all the prayers. And if anyone can help with this month of server fees, it would be a God-Send. Thanks to all, if we don't talk before HAPPY HOLIDAYS, be safe, and enjoy your family and friends.

                    Stage IIIa Seminoma
                    4x BEP Completed 2/14/05


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                      Its that time of the month again and I really pray that this will be the last month I have to "ask" for help. I am still out of work with my fractured neck, still in the brace, but had my second (since accident) CT-Scan yesterday and tomorrow I find out if I can be released back to work. Its been a challenging few months - and I thank ALL of you that have pitched in to help with the expenses for the server because I honestly couldnt have kept the site running these last few months without your support...

                      We had a little left over from last month but I have to pay the server bill by the 20th. Unfortunately the Google Ad payment doesnt come in until the 25th or 26th. So we need your support for sure this month again. I hate writing these posts but its the only was we have stayed online. Once I am back to work (MONDAY!!!!???? HOPEFULLY!!) I will be able to pitch in what I usually do to make up the remainder after the unsolicited donations and Google Ad's payment come in. I will never post for help again unless some other emergency comes up. And if any of you know some Dr. or Group of Dr's that would like to sponsor our site, that would be the best blessing we could receive. Any ideas, just PM me.

                      I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MICHAEL M. AND SHANNA R. FOR MAKING A DONATION JUST TODAY. You guys must have realized that its getting on that time of the month again. So anyone else that can help would be greatly appreciated. If you want to donate but cant afford much, please do not hesitate as the small donations add-up when we get a bunch of them. Some months we got thru the whole thing with small donations, and other months, we received just one or two bigger ones.,

                      I dont know exactly to the dime of what we need, because I do not have my books with me right now with whats left from last month, but its at least $125-$150 needed. Please click the PAYPAL LINK if you can help. You all have been a saving grace - I cant stress enough, without your support, our site would not have stayed online during these hard months...
                      Stage IIIa Seminoma
                      4x BEP Completed 2/14/05