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Donations in Memory of Judy Joy - for the Joy Family to allocate, lets pull together!

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  • Donations in Memory of Judy Joy - for the Joy Family to allocate, lets pull together!

    For any of you that do not know, our administrator/my partner and co-founder of TC-Cancer, Scott, has lost his beloved wife Judith Bourassa Joy. Scott is the man who assisted me in making this site what it is today. He has single handedly ran the forums while I ran the technical part of the site - he has been noted as saving lives in here. Not to mention his annual "Rides" for cancer support/research. So for the next week or two, we are taking up a special donation that will be send to the Joy family in memory of his (way to young to have passed) wife Judy who passed on November 12, 2012. Please scroll down to to read the memoir written on Scott's beloved wife Judy.

    Please all, lets do our part. I'll be the first to put $100 toward a fund that we, as a community, are going to do for Scott's and his family. While donations can't take the pain away, we can at least show our part, and allow the Joy family some funding from all of us here (his extended family at to do whatever they would like to do with it. I believe Scott would like to donate the funds to cancer research or some other fundraising - but I feel its important that we COLLECTIVELY as a group do this for the Joy family to allow them to make whatever contributions they would like to make in memory of Judy. It is the least we can do for a family that has religiously done so much for (not only our community) but the entire Cancer research and fundraising efforts.

    Please, Please, Please, lets all donate to this good cause. (Please ignore the "recurring donation" checkbox on the donation screen, I couldn't find a way to get rid of that so just ignore it and leave it unchecked.)

    NOTE: Please do not use the normal donation link on the other pages on the website as those go to a different account for I have setup a separate fund specifically for the Joy Family. Please make sure you use the link above.

    Thank you all and God Bless!

    CURRENT DONATION LIST (Donations Started 11-19-13 thru 11-30-13 - Please Donate Today!

    1. James F. $100
    2. Jay S. $15
    3. Brian R. $75
    5. Jeff M. $100 (Plus sponsorship of for a month in Memory of Judy Joy)
    6. Anonymous $15
    7. Anonymous $25

    ****A few more have come in as well since I updated this list - please all. even just a few bucks - if we ALL donate a few bucks we can present a very nice sum to the family for them to put to good use in Mrs. Judy Joy's memory.

    Click image for larger version

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    In Memory of Judith Bourassa Joy, 7/17/1964 - 11/12/2013

    Judith Bourassa Joy, 49, of Stratham, New Hampshire, died on Tuesday, November 12, 2013, following an all-too-brief battle with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.

    Born July 17, 1964, in Augusta, Maine, to Donald and Priscilla Bourassa, Judy graduated from Cony High School and then majored in English with a minor in Chemistry at Bowdoin College. In 1987, she married Scott Joy, and together they had four children, Alison (21, a senior at Syracuse University), Katie (18, a freshman at Stonehill College), and fraternal twins David and Eric (15, sophomores at Exeter High School). Early in her career, Judy was a human factors analyst at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where she returned two years ago as a business systems analyst. In between, she raised her family, received a master’s degree in elementary education from Lesley University, taught elementary school and technology classes, and published the young adult science fiction novel, A Doorway Through Space. She was a long-time girl scout leader.

    Judy had a lovely soprano voice, which she used in choruses and community musical theater productions through early adulthood and later as a member of and soloist with the Rockingham Choral Society.

    Judy was known for her charming hoot of a laugh, quirky sense of humor, and inventive word choices. She loved playing games with her children and spending time outdoors, especially at the family camp at Moosehead Lake in northern Maine and skiing at Smugglers Notch. She was an avid reader of good literature with a special love of young adult fiction. Her latest passion was a series of Teddy Roosevelt biographies. Judy chaired the Stratham Community Church’s most recent pastoral search committee and was serving on its board of deacons.

    In addition to her husband and four children, family members include her brother Donald and wife Eileen of Tallahassee, FL; three sisters, Debby Herman and husband Pete of Apalachin, NY, Kathy Petersen and husband Dan of Augusta, ME, and Cindy Seaver and husband Benjamin of Andover, NH; and numerous nieces and nephews. Judy also loved the family cats Teddy and Toby, and had kept shetland sheepdogs and fish.
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    Hello. I am posting this with a little bit of sadness. We have only received six donations to send to Scott and his family which in turn we know Scott will be donating it to his organizations that he holds so close to his heart. I was really hoping that especially the active members can each throw a couple dollars to this fund so that we can get a nice little amount sent to Scott for him to donate and allocate where he would like to and Judy's memory and honor. I guess I feel really bad and I feel like I have failed because Scott dedicates so much time not only to this website but to his organizations which raise money for cancer such as the Lance Armstrong foundation and now, most recently the multiple myeloma research organization.

    I will be honest with you and say that only TWO people from these forms donated. The other ones are MY family members, and the anonymous ones are additional small donations from myself (trying to get things moving).

    I know not everybody can afford the $50 or hundred dollar or $200 donation. It's not about the amount. It is the thought!

    Can we please use this last day or two and pull together and get this list long and show that we, as a community, a strong community held together with very strong friendships, can pull together and support either the needs or the desires of anyone, regardless of who it is...

    When it comes to donations for TC I always list the link and the financial needs of the website, as an open book. I never beg, and Wall financially we do run month-to-month, we always make it! But when it comes to something like this, it is just so important to me that we as a group pull together to give our offerings to a man that has dedicated his life to helping others. I just pray that he's busy and doesn't read my post. But I do not want him to feel awkward, this is me asking you to donate WHATEVER YOU CAN.

    Thank you all. We all have so much to be thankful for at this time of the year, and I hope that everybody has a great Thanksgiving week. Remember to hold those that you love close to you, squeeze them tight and never let them go. As I see here healing from my broken neck from my accident, now almost 5 weeks ago, I realize that life is too precious to waste. And we never know when our time will be up.

    Thank you all for listening. I post this message with the utmost love and respect for each and everyone of you. We are all family brought together by a common cause.

    Please visit the original post regarding the fund we have set up in memory of Judy Joy. On that post you will find a PayPal link.
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      A final list will be supplied on the donation we make, but I will tell you that since my last "beg", we got just three people to stand up and jump in.... $5, $25, $100, $200 - whatever you can afford, jump in so we can sign the donation TOGETHER. I would like more than 10 names on the list. Please all, show our love and support.


      Last chance, donate today on behalf of 100% of the funds are going in memory of Judith Joy.

      Thanks all! Lets get another 10 (minimum) so our "card" doesn't appear so short listed.

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