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inguinal orchiectomy nerve pain

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  • inguinal orchiectomy nerve pain

    Nine days ago I had an inguinal orchiectomy and a prosthetic testicle placed. There was pain at the incision site after from the surgery but this has faded. What concerns me though is that below the incision and around the right side of my penis I have what appears to be nerve pain. It feels like I burned myself if I touch the area. If I sit still I'm OK, but if I touch this area it is quite painful. As you can guess my having sex recently meant that I couldn't press against my wife because it would hurt. Has anyone who has had this sort of surgery had this outcome, and can you tell me how it turned out.

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    Various odd numbness & pain are often reported after I/O surgery. In most cases it fades with time. Hopefully, yours will too. Be sure to ask your doc about it, though.

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      I had a large numb patch below the incision, reaching down to the scrotum and inner thigh. It gradually resolved and took probably 9 months to totally return to normal. Within that was a small area close to the incision that when rubbed with a towel or similar felt very sensitive, like it had sunburn. Again, that resolved itself. When I mentioned this to my urologist, he said it was to be expected that there would be temporary nerve damage due to the pocket they create during the operation.


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        Still early days while you are recovering - likely to resolve itself. I did have a nerve thing after by 1st IO but tat was just pain for tie to tie, the Uro corrected it on IO 2 and prosthesis "upgrade".
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          There is a nerve that passes through the same canal that your teste gets pulled through in an I/O. It is very common for that nerve to get irritated and cause painful or odd sensations for a while after the I/O.

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            Thank you soooo much for this information. I have considerable pain down by my new prosthetic testicle below the incision. I am glad to hear that this typically resolves with time. I was becoming scared until I read these posts. Thanks for the links biwi.


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              Give it time they will also normally be tight to the body for a couple of months
              TC1: May 2001 / Right orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / Radiation
              TC2: July 2008 / Left orchiectomy / seminoma stage 1 / X2 Prostheses / Reandron (long term Testosterone injections)


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                Day 51 and I am much better and most of the pain has subsided. I still have some mild aching at the incision site and I am numb below it. I have a mild but sharp pain that is not bad in my scrotum near my penis and I think that might be where the urologist sewed the anchor for my prosthetic testicle. My impression from reading about this from others on this site is that it will take six to nine months for me to feel completely normal. Did you arrive at "completely normal?" I see my urologist in a week but I find information from people that actually had the surgery most helpful.



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